Europe holiday: EU to impose new visa fees on the UK Tourists by 2023

The European Union has announced plans for a visa which will see Britons charged approximately PS6 (EUR7) to enter their holiday destination. This new rule is set to take effect at the end 2022.

The ETIAS, unlike other world visas will only be available for three years and holidaymakers will have the ability to “multiple entry” across bloc-wide trips.

The UK has officially left the EU since the beginning 2021. UK citizens are now eligible for visas.

The European Commission updated that visa-exempt citizens from the EU will need to complete an online application in just a few seconds. This will, in most cases (over 95 percent), result in automatic approval.

The process is simple, quick, and inexpensive. ETIAS authorization will only cost EUR7 and it will be good for up to three years.

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Visas are designed to check visa applicants against EU data systems, including borders, security and migration.

The Commission states that this method will help to “identify people ahead of time who might pose a threat to security and health as well as comply with immigration rules.”

ETIAS can be compared to US Electronic System Travel Authorisation, which is approximately PS10 (14 USD) and lasts two years.

The initial plan was to launch the scheme in 2021, but it has since been delayed by the continuing pandemic.

Since the Brexit referendum, visas have not been the only requirement for Britons to travel abroad.

For those who wish to travel the bloc, there are new passport requirements.

Information on travel advice is available at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

The document states that you should check your passport’s validity for travel prior to booking your trip. If you don’t have sufficient time, renew your passport.

Your passport must be valid at all times for three months from the date you intend to depart [the destination] (or any other Schengen countries).

Passports shouldn’t be older than 10 years.

According to the FCDO, “The minimum three month period you require for leaving a country should be within 10 year of your passport’s issue date.”

Then it continues: “If your passport was renewed before its predecessor expired, additional months could have been added to the expiry date.

Any additional months added to your passport after 10 years will not be counted towards the minimum of three months.

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