Former Elder Scrolls players have called The Wayward Realms a Grand RPG. Devs

We don’t know how long it will take for The Elder Scrolls 6 to be released, so add another fantasy RPG on your list. A studio headed by ex-Devs of The Elder Scrolls has revealed its game.

Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay, who all contributed to the Elder Scrolls Series, are creating The Wayward Realms an open-world RPG. Once Lost Games calls it “the Grand RPG,” a new class of RPG that promises in-depth combat and class systems as well as complex faction dynamics. It also offers “choices and consequences… on a scale not possible before.”

Trailer for The Wayward Realms

The official description of the game states that “The Wayward Realms” is about a group over 100 islands. These are known as the Archipelago. There, scores of factions compete for power and influence. The official game description states that Dynasties seek to preserve the status quo while upstarts strive for the top and interesting power-houses create new generational plots.

The player may make history if he or she is able to earn an honorable seat. They must prove themselves worthy first. The Archipelago’s kingdoms will be home to many different races, including humans and elves.

Although the teaser trailer isn’t very clear, you can expect to see knights riding horses through spooky magical forest.


Steam describes a large open world that is “brought alive” by procedural generation. The world even features a virtual Game Master that creates a story and adds lore to it. Peterson, LeFay, and Lakshman all have experience as lead developers for various Elder Scrolls games, including Arena, Daggerfall and the original Elder Scrolls.

Although The Wayward Realms has yet to release a date, you can track its progress through the Once Lost Games twitter account.

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