Fortnite server down for today.
For update 17.30

Fortnite server down for today. For update 17.30

Fortnite server down for today.
For update 17.30

Fortnite update 17.30 is launching today, and Epic Games has dropped the usual announcement before shutting down servers.

The Season 7 update will have a larger scope this week than the July 17.21 update. However, the developers are keeping their teasers private.

Today’s Fortnite updates are not revealed to gamers.

Data miners shared with us that there are some new weapons features coming to Grab-Itron.

Epic Games shared one tip this week: “A UFO in your hand” IO Guards are scrambling for every brick, stone, or shrub to be destroyed by the latest Alien equipment.

The Grabber could be capable of picking up and throwing items, or rotating through various items.

Grab-Itrons will be available at Supply Drops and Floor Loots as well as the Mothership Legendary Chest.


Fortnite’s server outage for today is scheduled to begin at 6:30 am BST Tuesday, August 3rd 2021

This will affect gamers living in the United States. Maintenance starts at 01:30am EDT the next day.

There is no need to wait for servers to return as every platform will be back online simultaneously.

Epic Games did not provide an exact date for servers to be restored, but they confirmed that it would take at least a week.

According to estimates, maintenance can last up to 4 hours. This means that things will be back online before 11 AM BST.

Today’s Fortnite maintenance will bring you more news including patch notes.

Epic Games confirmed that Epic Games’ next major event would take place following update 17.30, which goes live today.

Gamers will have the opportunity to embark on a musical adventure into new magical realities, where Fortnite meets Ariana Grande.

Epic Games sent a message saying: “Ensuring fans can catch the Rift tour, the experience spans five showstimes over the course of three days.

We recommend that fans arrive at Fortnite 60 minutes prior to showtime. The Rift Tour Playlist should also be available 30 minutes prior to each show. The Rift tour begins with Fortnite-themed events — which pair popular songs with moments that are based on game elements.

The Rift tour is more enjoyable if you’re traveling with friends. For more information on, visit the tab.

The Rift tour tab lets you, your friends and others schedule showtimes. You can also keep track of the most recent Rift Quests.

Reports also suggest that the August event will be followed in August by another. A new Suicide Squad tiein is being planned for these coming weeks.

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