In the First Major Outbreak Updates, Death Lies Nearby
Endless Nightmares

In the First Major Outbreak Updates, Death Lies Nearby Endless Nightmares


  • Outbreak: Endless Nightmares celebrates the greatest launch of the series with major improvements such as precision aiming and overhauled FPS modes. This is all driven by feedback from players.
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  • Find out more about the content plan for the year ahead.

Hey Survivors!

With the first major updates, the undead apocalypse is intensifiedOutbreak: Nightmares EndlessS and Xbox One! You can return to retro horror with the new precision aiming modes, freelook and overhauled FPS views. All this is based on feedback from the community! With numerous quality-of-life enhancements, everything has been optimized, including game balance, load times, framerate and other factors. Continue reading to find out about the hugely successful launch and these new updates as well as the future roadmap of the game over the coming year.

The Outbreak Series’ most successful launch ever!

S and Xbox One. We’ve seen the Outbreak playerbase grow 8X+ since launch compared with previous titles. The game has also seen a lot of great feedback from players, which has allowed us to continue to improve the game.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmare

More than 20 major improvements have been made directly by community feedback

Endless Nightmares is now available! Freelook and precision aiming are now the default controls for first-person and over-the shoulder shooter modes. With strafing, the ability to aim headshots at greater distances for severe damage and better strafing, your survivor will be far more agile. The ability to balance weapons has been greatly enhanced, with powerful weapons such as shotguns dealing explosive damage that you have come to expect from slaying zombies. Gore is now more real. The co-op game mode received an overhaul that makes it more realistic and gives you better gameplay than ever!

Outbreak: Endless Nightmare

The redesigned first-person view allows you to get up close and personal with the subject.

The improved first-person shooting mode allows you to fight the undead directly. The title now features a beautiful animated view that shows your survivor’s weapon and body. This is thanks to the game’s real-time physics system. The view greatly increases the accuracy of your weapon, allowing you to fight threats from longer distances. It also makes it feel more responsive and precise. We were thrilled to release this feature so soon after launch, as it was one of the most popular features in the community. You can also choose to enable the OTS/FPS “retro” modes, which were originally released with the title.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmare

Graphics control is easier and performance increases.

You can now select your game resolution (Xbox Series X), graphics quality, and vsync option. You can choose from Performance (1080p), quality (1080p w/real-time shadows), performance+ (Native4K w/real-time shadows), or both to prioritize graphics quality and framerate. We’ve added discrete options for v-sync to all platforms to aim at 60fps, 30fps, or unlock framerate. This is in addition to fast loading times, 20% higher framerates (varies depending on platform and game scene). The texture quality of all parts has been improved.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmare

Plus, much more

These are just some of the many highlights regarding Endless Nightmares‘s evolution since launch. You’ll see many improvements to all aspects of your game experience, including numerous bug fixes. All this and more is now available through cumulative updates that the title received since launch. There has never been an easier time to get back in the nightmare.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmare

Apocalypse’s road map to ruin

Two major extensions to Endless Nightmares will be coming out of the shadows in the next year. Susurrations in the Nexus (ETA Winter 2020) Lydia will have to revisit the twisted versions of her nightmares about the outbreak that were conjured up by the evil ghouls. Vivification Of The Apocalypse will follow her journey into the unknown after Endless Nightmares. You’ll find new gameplay and content in these expansions, as well as some surprises you didn’t expect!

Continue to Survive!

We are grateful to all who have supported the Outbreak series throughout the years. We’re thrilled to set new standards for success in the series with Endless Nightmares and are looking forward to the next year! We wish you the best of luck out there

Outbreak: Nightmares Endless

Dead Drop Studios LLC

Xbox One X Enhanced
The survival horror series is reworked with Outbreak: Endless Nightmares, which adds elements of roguelike gameplay. Each anomaly is a semi-procedurally created environment in which both the environment and undead are trying to kill you. You will need to search, find supplies and uncover clues to make your way through them.

You find yourself in the wreckage of Arzt Memorial Hospital immediately after Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles. This is where you can organize and store your inventory, build your character or take a break before returning to the chaos. You have more than just the murderous undead. Look for the scattered journals to get more information about the outbreak, and where you can find refuge. You will be trapped here every day you die.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares emphasizes replayability and offers multiple characters – each one with its own abilities, upgrades paths, and much more. As you gain power, the situation will change each time you enter an anomaly. It’s important to consider what supplies, weapons and healing products you will bring with you. You may be able to find storage containers that allow you to access your larger inventory and give you the opportunity to replenish. It’s up to you to check your surroundings for supply. Your fate will be sealed if you don’t have enough!

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