Kylie Jenner unveils her look for the gold-themed birthday party Collection

Kylie Jenner unveils her new look for the gold-themed cosmetics line she will release when she turns 24.

Kylie Jenner posted a glimpse at her brand new birthday collection Tuesday.

To post the packaging video, the siren went to Instagram Stories and posted it to her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account.

She is shown in the main box wearing a gold bra, skirt and eyeshadow. She turns 24 in August and the theme is 24kt Gold.

New from KJ: Kylie Jenner shared a look at her new birthday collection on Tuesday

Kylie Jenner shares a glimpse at her brand new collection for birthdays on Tuesday

The day prior, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians actress shared a photo in which she was wearing a topless and had her hair spray-painted with gold. This announcement came ten days before.

“Ahhh!!! My birthday is in 8 !!!’ Calabasas native.

“And, of course, i had to commemorate with another birthday collection!” My 24th Birthday is a 24K Gold theme. It will launch on August 10, 2010.

Kendall Jenner’s sister added that she couldn’t wait for the collection to be revealed tomorrow via her stories! Stay tuned @kyliecosmetics. She did exactly that Tuesday morning at 10 AM PST.

The gold standard: The siren took to the Instagram Stories of her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page to post a video of the makeup line

The standard: This siren posted a video about the Kylie Cosmetics makeup line on her Instagram Stories page.

Gold is good for Kylie: She looked ravishing on the packaging that had gold boxes

Kylie looks stunning in gold packaging

The topless photo shows her with no shirt and cradling her chest, while she wears neck-down gold spray paint.

Jenner wore gold shorts and gold earrings with gold hoop earrings to match her gold eyeshadow.

Stormi’s mother posted older photos from Stormi’s makeup page before the announcement. These images have since been removed.

In her Instagram Stories, she shared that she had a new collection for birthdays and would soon reveal what it was: “I cannot wait to unveil the theme of 2021 bday collections!”

She has previously done Billionaire collections where packaging was adorned with money.

She looks as good as gold in this box. The model is wearing a gold bra, skirt and eyeshadow. She turns 24 in August and the theme is 24kt Gold.

It was posted on Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram: “Birthday Collection Throwback!” Guess what the birthday theme is for this year? Reveal coming soon!’

She also made an announcement on Sunday.

After launching online, Kylie Cosmetics’ new products have been reworked and are now available at Ulta.

Golden touch: Jenner shared a topless photo where she was spray painted in gold to announce the theme: 24k gold

Jenner shares a photo of Jenner topless in which she is spray-painted with gold to reveal the theme: 24k Gold

It’s time to shine! My birthday is in 8 !!!’ Calabasas native, Californian. “And, of course, i had to make another birthday collection!” My 24th Birthday Celebration – 24K Gold theme launching August 10th

“My vegan and clean @kyliecosmetics products have been officially made available in @ultabeauty shops across the nation and online at The Keeping Up With The Kardashians actress said.

Star wore a pale, lilac-colored cut-out gown that showed off her legs. She also had cut-outs on her arms.

Her makeup was stunningly similar to her hairstyle. She was wearing her long, raven-colored hair in soft curls and a thigh high. The effect seems to have been done by Kendall Jenner, sister model of Vogue.


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