NASA and Boeing delay Starliner Launch due to Unexpected Problem with valve


NASA and Boeing delay Starliner Launch due to Unexpected
Problem with valve

Boeing must wait to demonstrate the Starliner’s worth yet again. NASA and the company had planned for Tuesday’s launch of the capsule from an Atlas V rocket. However, that is not possible.

“We’re standing down from today’s #Starliner Orbital Flight Test-2 launch,” Boeing said on Twitter. The company attributed the delay to “unexpected valve position indications in the propulsion system” engineers spotted during pre-launch preparations. The cause of the problem is not yet known. Boeing and NASA both stated that they would provide updates on the matter on Wednesday August 4th.

John Vollmer (Vice President and Program Manager for Boeing’s Commercial Crew Program) stated that “we’re disappointed by today’s outcome” and advised that the Starliner launch must be rescheduled. Human spaceflight can be a complicated, exact, and difficult endeavor. NASA and Boeing will work together to make sure that the spacecraft is safe and sound and achieve our mission goals.

Starliner had been scheduled to make its return to space by July 30, but it was delayed after the first test flight failed. NASA delayed the return to space after Starliner’s first test flight was canceled. The Russian ISS Nauka module had unexpectedly started its thrusters and tilled the station in an unusual orientation.

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