Sarah Ferguson defends Jack, her superhero son-in law Brooksbank following yacht photos

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Sarah, Duchess Of YorkShe spoke out about her relationship with her son-in lawJack BrooksbankRecent photos of him aboard a Capri boat have led to some questions.

Many were drawn to the photographs of Jack and bikini-clad women in the photos. Sarah now clarifies the context.

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WATCH: Sarah Ferguson defends ‘superhero’ son-in-law Jack Brooksbank

Jack, who made the top page of this newspaper, was such an honest man.”Princess Eugenie“Still, my mother spoke during an appearance atOne ShowOn Monday, she will promote her new book.She is a Compass in Her HeartThis is a. He is one of my favorite people. He’s my James Bond.

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Sarah said, “He’s just an superhero in my books, and is a great dad, a fantastic husband, and never at the front of the house. He always prefers to be behind.

Eugenie and Jack were delighted to welcome August into their lives in February

So for them to fabricate this story, he worked as Casamigos’ ambassador, and was actually doing his job. I believe it is really important that Jack understands that.

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She then spoke about August, Eugenie’s 6-month-old grandson. She explained that she has had daughters and sisters and is now a grandmother to a baby boy named August.

Sarah and Prince Andrew share their two daughters

It’s a hard truth, but August is beautiful and he can have Barbies if he so desires. “I believe that in life, you don’t judge anyone or anything. We just look for the heart.”

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Sarah said, “I am so fortunate, my daughters, Eugenie is a great mom, everybody says that you are so excited about your grandson, but I disagree, I’m proud of my daughter. She’s an amazing mother.”

Beatrice and Edoardo will welcome their first child this year

Beatrice will soon have her first baby. She’s got Wolfie (her stepson), who is great with her. He’s also five years old, so he enjoys watching Storytime.

Jack and Princess Eugenie began dating in 2011. They were married at St George’s Chapel 12 October 2018. On 9 February 2021, they welcomed baby August.

Princess BeatriceIn the meantime, she is due to have her first child this autumn. Her husband is a property developer.Edoardo Mapelli MozziSince July of last year.

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