Snaps of Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey looking smitten Their romantic road trip

Hailey and Justin Bieber look infatuated in photos from their romantic road trip

Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey went on a road trip recently.

Justin (27-year-old pop star) shared nine photos of his adventures to Instagram with fans via a fun “photo dump” on Tuesday.

Although the destination of the couple was not clear, it is evident that they are happy being away from New York and LA.

Road trip Justin Bieber posted photos from his latest road trip along with Hailey on Tuesday

Lake life: The model daughter of Stephen Baldwin wowed while wearing a black, longsleeve swimsuit on a dock

Lake life: Stephen Baldwin’s model daughter stunned while sporting a long-sleeved black swimsuit at the dock.

Hailey, her husband for almost three years, was happy to get on the road together. She can be seen looking at her sweetly in his first shot.

Justin held his lover’s hand, while his yellow and red flannel was open to show his tattooed chest.

He was accompanied by Mrs. Bieber, who wore a vintage shirt, combat boots, and a bucket hat while they were posing near what looked like a vineyard.

They showed off their luxury accommodations and took another photo of a wine tasting session.

Cheers: The couple showed off their luxurious accommodations while enjoying a wine-tasting session in another snapshot

Cheers! The happy couple showed off their luxury accommodations and enjoyed a wine tasting session in another photo.

Puppy love: The model cuddled up to their beloved dog Oscar while relaxing on the dock of a lake they visited donned a trucker hat and striped bikini

Love for puppies: This model cuddled with Oscar, their dog. While relaxing at the lake’s dock, they wore a trucker hat as well as a bikini and stripes.

Dog dad: Justin was also seen cuddling up to Oscar while bundled up in his own orange hoodie from his brand Drew

Justin, the dog dad was seen snuggling up with Oscar in his orange Drew hoodie.

It was later revealed that Hailey and Justin had made it to the lake.

Stephen Baldwin’s model daughter demonstrated her modeling skills by posing in a long-sleeve black swimsuit while leaning onto the dock.

Hailey wore an orange-and-white bikini while cuddling Oscar, their dog.

Justin also was seen snuggling up with Oscar, while wearing his Drew orange hoodie.

Forest: He held onto their pooch's Louis Vuitton carrier while arriving to a forest-y destination

Forest: While arriving at a foresty location, he held on to their dog’s Louis Vuitton bag.

Follow the leader: Another snap showed Biebs as he walked down the dock with his pup in tow

Be a leader. Another photo showed Biebs walking down the dock, his dog in tow.

Biebs was also captured walking down the dock, his dog in tow.

The Baby singer, ever the caring dog father, was seen holding on to their chic Louis Vuitton carriers while they arrived at a forest destination.

They looked happy together and it was definitely a refreshing scene from their trip to Las Vegas last month for UFC 264.

Bieber can be seen raising his hand in an animated video of fight night as he talks to Hailey.

Although it appeared that things were tense, witnesses claimed that he was simply pumping adrenaline after a Kid Laroi performance.

Rainbow: He wore a rainbow tie-dyed sweater while posing outside their digs

Rainbow: While posing for photographs outside of their home, he wore a tie-dyed rainbow sweater

It’s a change of scene… They looked happy together.

“He wasn’t yelling, and we were there witnessing what happened,” said one Twitter user. One Twitter user said that he was “all adrenaline” and another wrote: “He wasn’t mad at Hailey, and he wasn’t shouting at her.”

She took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the matter, sharing a picture of them kissing following an “amazing” weekend filled with’so many love.

“Anyother narrative floating around the internet is completely false.” She advised that you don’t listen to the bulls**t peeps.

Justin spoke out about his’really difficult’ first year as a married man in an interview with GQ in April.

“The first year was difficult because of the trauma. It was a lack trust. You didn’t want the other person to know these things. It’s not your intention to make them feel scared by saying “I’m afraid.”

Viral: Justin appeared to yell at Hailey following a performance in Las Vegas, though fans and onlookers claimed he was just amped up on adrenaline after a performance

Viral: Justin yelled at Hailey after his Las Vegas performance, but fans and observers claimed that he had just been pumped up by adrenaline.


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