Spain faces devastation due to travel announcement “This will We are close to Britain’s door!

Spanish tourists are becoming more pessimistic about the summer outlook. __S.2__

The outlook for the Spanish tourism sector is dimming with Downing Street expected to make a decision on Thursday.

According to a source at the Playasol Ibiza Hotels chain, “We saw a decrease in British market bookings after we included the Balearic Islands on the amber listing again. But the evolution has stabilized.” All markets are affected by changes in restrictions. “

Spain would be hit with more restrictions from the UK, following a devastating summer 2020.


It was hard to start 2021, and summer has been delayed due to uncertainty at every turn.

Spanish travel agencies have been subject to market fluctuations for more than a year. They are not supported by government aid.

Carlos Abella (secretary general of the Tourism Board), now warns of more restrictions. He says that it would lead to “closing the British market,” which is the main source market for the Board. “

More than 20% of all arrivals to the country in 2019 were from the UK. They spent almost 500 millions euros per week on August 8.

We have been on a rollercoaster ride, where bookings fluctuate depending on which decisions are made. The secretary general of Tourism Board stated that if the United Kingdom or Germany become more restrictive, summer 2019 will be more like 2020 rather than 2019.

Maria Ortega provides additional reporting.

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