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Street Fighter V: Summer Update 2021: Past and Present Future

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Hard to believe, but just a year ago we hosted our first digital online event in partnership with the SFV Summer Update 2020. We’re back today with the SFV Summer update 2021, one year later and many seasonal updates after! You can view the entire video by clicking here

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We’ll dive in to what we covered. This includes information on Oro (SFIII Series Returning Character), Akira (SF Newcomer), and the unveiling of Season 5’s final character.

Oro is back from the SFIII Series

Street Fighter III’s wandering shemit is back and ready to give these youngsters a lesson about fighting. Oro has always had a wide range of play styles, and his SFV version is no exception.


Oro’s V-Skill I, also known as “Onibi”, summons an orb projectile which can bounce in three directions.

Oro’s V-Skill II, “Minomushi,” has Oro performing a quick hop with two follow-up attacks. “Kaki Otoshi,” an overhead strike or “Eda Uchi,” which is safer on the block kick.

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Street Fighter V Summer UpdateStreet Fighter V Summer Update

Oro’s V-Trigger I, called “Manrikitan”, gives Oro command access to the commands called “Kishinriki and “Kishin Kuchu Jigoku Guruma”. These command grabs can be used on both the ground or in the air.

Oro’s Tengu Stone, Oro’s V-Trigger II returns with three new objects. These can be combined to create combinations that were not possible before.

When activating V-Trigger II by holding Down, the “Tengu Midare Stone”, which produces five items instead of V-Trigger II will activate if you keep your hand down. Combinations will be more powerful, but the V-Gauge will be depleted faster.

Oro, his turtle friend in tow is back in SFV. He has classic moves and some new tricks in his robe. When Oro releases August 16, we hope that you are all eager to see him!

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Let’s see Oro at work!

Street Fighter V’s Akira Kazama debuts

Akira Kazama, a veteran of the Rival Schools fighting games series, makes her Street Fighter debut at SFV! She excels when she is close to the action.

Special Moves

Akira can give you “Kiko Kai”, a brief ranged burst of energy. EX has a greater range, and is much quicker.

Urarimon is an elbow strike that moves fast and forward. This allows Akira close-in space to deal great damage, and can be used in combination enders.

The “Senshubu”, her kick, has low, medium and high versions to hit all angles. There is also a follow-up kick.

Akira’s V-System

Akira’s V-Skill I, “Kiko Rensei,” increases her “Kiko Kai”, by increasing hits and damage.

Akira’s V-Skill II, called “Tsutenda,” allows her to launch opponents in the air and allow for subsequent attacks. These combos can be called “Air Bursts”.

Akira’s V-Trigger 1 is “Otoko No Senaka.” Akira’s brother Daigo falls from the heaven and strikes his opponent. Then, he explodes with an explosion of energy!

Street Fighter V Summer UpdateStreet Fighter V Summer Update

Akira’s V-Trigger II, “Haten no Kamae,” puts her in an unusual stance that allows her to execute three follow-up attacks.

Every follow-up attack is unique and can be cancelled to allow you to go for a throw! This V-Trigger can be used to increase your combos, or even open up the possibility of a frame trap and mixups.

Akira is ready to rock SFV with her new release on August 16. This exclusive footage of Akira’s match action is available:

The mystery character of Season 5 is revealed

SFV Director Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto, Producer of Street Fighter V, also revealed the fifth and last character in Season 5. Luke is a new character which will expand Street Fighter’s universe.

Luke will be available in November this year. We look forward to learning more about him!

SFV Season 5 Access, No Cost Trial and Sale

Check out the Season 5 Passes to see what has changed with Luke’s reveal as the last character of SFV.

Street Fighter V Summer UpdateStreet Fighter V Summer Update

We’re also offering a free trial to celebrate Oro, Akira and Online Tournament Mode. It will run from August 4 through August 18, which grants you access to all Seasons 1 – 4.

The PlayStation Store also offers and SFV discounts. We are also offering discounted Season 5 Premium, Character, and SFV:CE+ Season 5 passes, as well as Upgrade Kit + Season 5 bundles.

That was an amazing event. Street Fighter V is grateful for your support. We’re eager to continue sharing information on Luke, Oro and Akira.

Publited at Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021:25:35 +0000

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