UK travelers are being rebuffed by EU hoteliers amid
Traffic light chaos

UK travelers are being rebuffed by EU hoteliers amid Traffic light chaos

UK travelers are being rebuffed by EU hoteliers amid
Traffic light chaos

MPs have said no new categories will be added to the travel list, meaning there is no risk countries will be moved to an “amber watchlist”.

The UK travel industry is currently affected by the changes in the rules of travel and unpredictability of UK traffic lights.

Fears of cancellations last-minute have led to hoteliers and holiday operators from EU countries refusing to accept bookings from British tourists.

Noel Josephides (director of Aito), the Specialist Travel Association stated that “Hoteliers refuse to book from the UK because they aren’t confident in us.”

And European travelers are taking over our beds and availability.”

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He said, “There’s no trust.”

“Why can people believe us? The sword of Damocles is constantly over us, and everything could change. It might even result in cancellations.”

The Telegraph was told by a travel agent that suppliers don’t trust them.

They tell us that you have cancelled in April and May. You also cancelled in July, June, and July. What is the best way to know if you will be operating in August?


They’ll tell us: “You are telling us that the UK Government will make more announcements on Thursday.

We don’t need your clients. Instead, we would prefer to accept the Germans and the French. “

Fears a “new Amber Watchlist” would be created, including Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Boris Johnson stated that a simple, balanced and user-friendly travel approach will be used in this week’s next review.

Boris Johnson stated yesterday that “People want to go on summer vacations.” He said that it was important to recognize that. We need to move the tourism industry again. Our city centers need to be open. So we are looking for an easy approach.

Travel leaders say that the shift in restrictions has made it difficult for people to understand and is causing European countries to distrust UK bookings.

Fully-vaccinated Britons can travel from countries on the amber list without having to go through quarantine. However, travellers returning to the UK who have not had their jabs must remain isolated for a minimum of 10 days.

On August 5, the next review of our travel lists will be held.

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