Updated Pokemon Snaps due today. These aspects are more intuitive

Tomorrow will see a major update to New Pokemon Snap. As we already announced, it will include three new maps that you can explore and capture Pokemon. The update will also bring twenty new Pokemon to your collection. Today’s update includes quality-of-life updates that make certain elements of the game easier to understand. These are some changes that you can look forward to:

  • After completing a stage, you will be able to choose the Research Level once again. This allows you to continue with the same stage but at a different Research level.
  • You can go straight to the camp with no photos taken
  • You will be flagged as having met the criteria if you have a LenTalk Mission.
  • You can directly save images to your Switch from the photo editing options


Publiated at Tue Aug 20, 2121, 14:38.38 +0000

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