Use new Waze content with a Halo theme to banish traffic

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in traffic when you are in an elated rush to save the galaxy. AlthoughHaloThe iconic Warthog is able to navigate around obstacles thanks to its off-road capability. A Banished Ghost can use its anti-gravity pads for the fastest route. Now everyone can get there in style with a global partnership between Xbox and MicrosoftHalo Infinite Waze, the navigation app. Drivers around the globe can now access the brand new Waze experience, which allows them to control vehicles and characters directly from their smartphone.HaloUniverse

Drivers can select the Halotheme and choose to side with the UNSC, or Banished. The UNSC and humanity supporters will see their in-app cars replaced by the Warthog. Drivers who choose to be rebellious can select the Halo infinite side. Their in-app vehicle will be replaced by a Ghost. They can also get navigation audio from Escharum the Banished war chief and an Escharum “Mood”, to inform others who are driving along the route which side they have chosen.

You can access the Waze’s first video-game-themed experience to pick your faction. Your drives will then take on an Halo flavor. To activate it, open Waze and tap on “My Waze”. This content will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese starting today. It will also remain on Waze for a short time.

Halo Infinite

Xbox Game Studios

With the largest Master Chief story ever, Halo returns to its legendary roots.

Campaign: The Master Chief will face the most vicious foe that he has ever encountered when all hope seems lost and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Start anew, and get into the armor of mankind’s greatest hero for an exciting adventure. Finally, you can explore the size of the Halo Ring.

Multiplayer: Halo has celebrated multiplayer returns! Additional information will be available later in the year.

Forge: Halo’s powerful content-creation tool, Forge is back. Stay tuned for more information later in the year.

Cross-Generation Gaming: Halo Infinite offers a unique experience on the Xbox One, as well as other consoles. Enjoy enhanced gaming features on Xbox Series X and supported PCs such as up to 4k resolution, 60FPS campaign, and significantly reduced load times. This allows for seamless gaming that will usher in the next generation. *

Only 4K Ultra HD available on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X; compatible TVs required.

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