VIDEO: AutoTopNL Tune Their G80 BMW M3 With Race Chip

Power is the biggest difference between G80 BMW M3 Competition and M3 Competition. Power is the biggest difference between the G80 BMW M3 and the Competition. The Competition produces 503 horsepower while 473 horses powers it. This new AutoTopNL video shows how you can fix this power gap.

AutoTopNL’s G80 BMW M3 standard model has a 6-speed manual gearbox, and an amazing Zanzibar Metallic paint. Race Chip took this M3 to them to receive a tune. Race Chip does not yet have a tune to go with the G80 BMW M3, so they used AutoTopNL’s model M3 as their test bed.

The tune comes with seven different maps to choose from, which is done with the push of a button. That button can also completely turn the tune off, bringing it back to stock. The most powerful map it comes with is the seventh map, which brings the engine up to a whopping 650 horsepower. That’s more than the BMW M5 CS, in a much smaller car, with only rear-wheel drive, and a manual transmission. Bumping power to 650 horsepower was able to shorten its 100-200 km/h (62-124 mph) time by about two seconds, which isn’t an insignificant number.

Its durability is not as impressive as it looks. This much power was not intended for the clutch of the G80 BMW M3. BMW tuned the torque of the M3 standard to handle the Competition’s power better than the Competition’s manual transmission and clutch. The jump from 473 horses up to 650 horses can be quite a big one and might make some clutches unhappy. It doesn’t seem like this matters to me, as it appears that the jump is a lot more enjoyable and makes its owner happy.

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