What date will Pakistan be removed from the Red List?

Later this week, the Government will make changes to their red, green and amber travel lists. Many people hope that Pakistan will be added to the amber travel list, allowing Brits and their families to visit there. All travel to the country stopped in April when Pakistan was put onto the red list due to concerns over the Delta variant.

Many have not been allowed to travel because of the country’s red status.

The highest Covid risk countries are those on the Red List, and they should be avoided “except under the most extreme circumstances,” the Government says.

Travel restrictions to Pakistan are the most severe for those who wish to visit today.

The quarantined hotel would be managed for 10 days by the traveller upon arrival in England.

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They are nevertheless quite low, with only 3,582 cases added to the register on August 2.

It is far less than the vast majority of destinations on the amberlist are recording.

The Delta version of Pakistan and Pakistan’s inadequate vaccination program are the main concerns about travel to Pakistan.

Only three percent have had their vaccines complete.


Despite its low rates of infection, the country could be included in the next amber update.

What date will travel lists be up-dated?

Traffic light systems are reviewed once every three weeks. Countries move between lists according to Covid data.

Countries with high vaccination rates and low infected numbers can be added to a “upgrade” list. This will allow for more relaxed travel rules.

Countries that experience a high number of cases might be added to the red list, which has stricter travel restrictions.

These lists were updated last Wednesday, July 14th. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the information at a press conference.

It was a break with tradition, as all previous announcements were made on Thursdays.

Expect the latest announcement to be made either on Wednesday, August 4, or Thursday, Aug 5.

These updates will be in effect the Monday following August 9th.

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