Zoom could owe you PS18: Millions set to go a Are you one of the payout?

Zoom quickly became an international brand after the pandemic that decimated millions of people worldwide made it impossible to stay home and work. Zoom lets users make free calls to family, friends and coworkers, but there’s a limit on how long they can do so.

However, its huge popularity is now at a major drawback.

A class-action lawsuit has hit the US-based company, which could have a devastating impact on its profits. Zoom was sued by a group of its customers over claims that it had shared their personal information and claimed to offer end-to-end encryption.

Zoom may now be required to pay up to $85m (PS61m), in legal and compensation fees as a result this weekend’s settlement in California. Subscribers to Zoom who were part of the class action could now receive a payment.

It won’t suffice to keep the day job. Subscribers can get a 15% refund or $25 (PS18) if the settlement is approved. The average user could receive $15 (PS11) The real winners, however, are the plaintiffs’ lawyers who demand a staggering $21.25,000,000 in legal fees. Ouch.

The lawsuit centers on claims that Zoom has shared user data with Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a breach of privacy. Zoom shared information with Facebook to target ads and notify users who log on via Facebook. This is not happening anymore as of April 2013.

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Lawyers also claimed that Zoom-bombing was not being stopped by the company. This is where trolling occurs in private meetings, and they share graphic material. Zoom had to tighten its security before there were many disturbing events around the globe, including anti-Semites taking over synagogue services and porn being uploaded in virtual classrooms.

A Zoom spokesperson said that there was no wrongdoing when the settlement was paid out. The spokesperson said that Zoom values the trust of its users and is committed to protecting their privacy. “

Zoom purchased a secure messaging platform called Keybase to address its security concerns.

As a result, the company agreed to increase its security. All users will be informed if hosts are using third-party applications in meetings. Additionally, all employees of the company will receive additional training regarding privacy.

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