Amazon’s New World MMO is delayed for the fourth time. It will now be late September

We want New World to launch smoothly and for everyone to have fun.

Amazon’s multiplayer online game New World, which is massively multiplayer and open to all players worldwide has been delayed once again. However this delay was only for around one month. The game will launch on PC in September on the 28th.

Amazon Game Studios announced New World’s fourth delay via a Twitter statement. They wrote: “We are humbled to have received support from New World throughout closed beta. Over a million players played 16 million hours of beta during which time. Your enthusiasm and passion for New World is a testament to the hard work that we have done over the last year. We are constantly improving it based on your input.

The studio stated that New World should launch smoothly and provide fun experiences for players. This means improving upon what was revealed during the closed beta. We’ll take some extra time to fix bugs and improve stability as well as polish the game. It also indicates that a global launch date will be set for 28 September.

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Amazon states, “This wasn’t an easy decision to take.” We know that this is not the first time we have changed our launch date to ensure quality and it may be frustrating to delay a little longer. We want to make sure that we launch the best quality game we can.

New World is crucial to make a great first impression upon launch. This comes after several video games failures at Amazon. The company cancelled multiplayer action game Crucible last October, five months after it was released and four months following its unrelease. This April saw news that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO had been canceled due to a dispute between Tencent and China.

New World Closed Beta Trailer

Amazon’s good news is that early impressions have been favorable, even though there has been concern about Amazon’s plans to offer paid in-game boosters. Robert Purchese, Eurogamer, enjoyed playing the game last month. He said that New World felt “refreshingly old-fashioned”, a little like Ultima Online. Glory in New World can be yours if you are a skilled player. Hardcore gamers love it.

When the 28 September launch of New World is finally announced, we’ll be able to see if its nearly 17-month-old delays made it possible for an excellent MMO experience.

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