Apple revamps its online shop to look more like iOSApp

Apple revamps its online shop to look more like iOSApp

Apple’s website was down briefly late Tuesday night, sparking speculation about new product launches.

This time it was different. The site had a “Store” tab at the top of the left.

Apple revamps its online shop to look more like iOSApp

As MacRumors pointed out, Apple’s website had a “Store” tab some years ago, but it was removed in a redesign. The Store tab now leads to an entirely redesigned storefront, listing all the major Apple product categories. It also includes information about new and current deals, and a couple of support links.

Horizontal scrolling Card with sub-categories of products? Very iOS-like.
Credit to apple

You can click on any product category to open a page which allows you to horizontally scroll through major cards. This is very similar the Apple Store App on iOS. You’ll be able to browse it from your phone.

You can also choose a sub-category to access the product’s website. It will look identical, or very similar, to what it was before the redesign.

This type of redesign is best evaluated when the product is actually being purchased. However, I feel that it is a positive change. Sometimes, it’s better to have a “Store” section that allows you to navigate through the product categories than through Apple product pages.

The new Store also has lots of content. This will help you make a decision, whether through support documents or individual sessions with Apple staff. Although there is nothing new here, it’s great to see it all together.

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