Bryson DeChambeau says he doesn’t need COVID-19 vaccine even after getting sick

Bryson de Chambeau, who is playing in Thursday’s World Golf Championship in Memphis, Tenn., has returned to the course. Due to a positive COVID-19 result, he was forced from the Olympic tournament last weekend.

DeChambeau didn’t lose his stance about being vaccinated despite not having to compete. DeChambeau is still not receiving the shot.

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DeChambeau said Wednesday that the vaccine does not necessarily stop it happening. That’s why, for me, it’s not necessary. I am young enough to give it to those who need it. It’s not something I need. I am healthy. My health is good. I am a young person who will keep my body healthy. However, I do not believe that removing a vaccine from someone who could benefit is a positive thing.

DeChambeau (27), stated that his parents were vaccinated, and that his father was diabetic.

Although he said that he did not have an issue with getting vaccinated, he wanted to make sure it is “really, truly mainstream” and all the details are vetted.

DeChambeau said that symptoms began a few days following the positive result. He lost about 10 pounds. DeChambeau said that he did not know how or where he got the virus.

Patrick Reed replaced DeChambeau on Team USA’s roster.

A positive test result in Spain caused Jon Rahm to have to pull out of the Olympics. He had just received his second positive result after a little over a month. After his third round, he was forced to withdraw from the Memorial Tournament. He had tested positive for the virus in June. He received the results of his test on the course shortly after the round was over. At the time, he had a lead of six strokes.

According to The Associated Press Rahm started the vaccine process during the Memorial week. After the results of the tests, Rahm was placed in quarantine and returned to winning the U.S. Open. Jose Manuel Cortizas was a Spanish journalist and sports reporter who followed Rahm’s career. He became the hero of the U.S. Open victory. Cortizas passed away from COVID-19 complications in February.

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