Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 – The perfect time to get the CX-9 for Warzone

After a slow start, the Call of Duty Warzone CX-9 is now possible by successfully completing an In-Game Challenge.

Raven Software, developers of the weapon, confirmed the issues. The Warzone team informed fans tonight.

We are aware that the CX-9 (MW), where both the Unlock Challenge Level and Level do not track, has an issue.

We are currently investigating this matter and have changed the Warzone Trello accordingly. The CX-9’s Unlock Challenge, Level and Status aren’t properly being tracked.

Raven Software is happy to announce that the earlier problem has been resolved via an updated.

We have released an update to Warzone. This resolves the problem with Level Progression and CX-9 Unlock Challenge not functioning properly. Thank you .”

There are many ways you can unlock the CX-9 SMG. However, Warzone is the best time to do so.

How to Unlock CX-9 in Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone gamers can unlock the CX-9 SMG via Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Modern Warfare of Call of Duty Warzone allows you to unlock the SMG with two Longshot Kills and five matches.

This challenge is a little annoying in Battle Royale but you can still do it with Payload.

Although it is only for a short time, you will be able to score at least two longshot kills within one small Verdansk area.

Payload is a new game mode that requires you to coordinate your Squad’s strategic fight so that they can defeat enemy combatants as well as remove any defenses from the way.

Payload is a competition between two teams. The description says it all: The initial mission of your team is to either stop or escort two truck carrying satellite parts across Verdansk.

This mode, which allows for respawning of sections of the map, creates action-packed moments that are high-intensity and chaotic. In this scenario brawls over objectives can turn into chaos while your team fights to take control during the match’s last seconds.

With Custom Loadouts available and selected Field Upgrades enabled Payload allows Elite Operators to prove their worth for post-match bragging and also make serious progress in Attachments and Weapon Camos.

Satellites crashed into Verdansk as part of ongoing conflicts between NATO and Perseus. Both factions were unable to agree on the salvaable materials for weeks and have now brought in an indestructible flatbed truck that can load and remove the satellites from the warzone.

With the conclusion of Call of Duty Cold War Season 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Payload will likely end.

Activision confirmed that Warzone Season 5 will be released on Thursday, August 12th.

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