Coronation Street SPOILER: Gail Platt films funeral scenes Ken Barlow

Coronation Street SPOILER – Gail Platt film funeral scenes with Ken Barlow & Claudia Colby, fuelling speculation Audrey Roberts is dead

Gail Platt, Helen Worth and Ken Barlow from Coronation Street were seen in Manchester filming funeral scenes on Wednesday. This sparked speculation about the death of Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

Audrey is not only the mother of Gail. She also shares a close friendship and a rivalry with Ken. Claudia was recently back after an 18-month break. Could the loss of an old friend be what brought her back to the cobbles again?

Mid-week, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), Gavin Moss(Gareth Pierce), George Shuttleworth (“Tony Maudsley”) and Mary Taylor (“Patti Clare”) were also filming funeral scenes. While Priest Billy was dressed in a clergy collar, Gavin and George were smartly dressed in black suits and shades.

Speculation: Coronation Street stars Gail Platt, Ken Barlow and Claudia Colby were seen filming funeral scenes in Manchester on Wednesday, sparking speculation that Audrey Roberts has died

Speculation: On Wednesday, Coronation Street’s stars Gail Platt and Ken Barlow were seen in Manchester filming funeral scenes. This sparked speculation about Audrey Roberts’ death.

Smart: Ken was also dressed in smart funeral attire consisting of a crisp shirt, suit bottoms, a tie and sunglasses

Smart: Ken was dressed smartly in smart funeral clothes, which included a crisp shirt and suit bottoms with a tie.

Ken was dressed smartly in a suit top, crisp shirt and tie, and Mary film scenes in a white long frock and a loose khaki gown.

Helen arrived for filming in jeans, a plaid shirt and a face mask before she got into character.

Claudia stood next to Ken at a door and appeared to be in pyjamas. She smiled from ear-to-ear as she filmed between scenes. This suggests that Rula was happy to return to filming after such an extended break.

Claudia was confirmed to return to the soap last month. Viewers last saw Claudia in action April 2020, when she decided to remain at Stillwaters retirement village in spite of Ken’s return to Weatherfield.

Downcast: Gail appeared downcast with her arms folded across her chest

Gail was downcast, her arms crossed across her chest.

Arrival: Arriving for a day of filming in jeans and a plaid shirt, Helen was sporting a face mask and carrying a large shopping bag before getting into character

Arrival: Helen arrived in jeans and plaid for filming. She was wearing a face mask, and carrying a big shopping bag.

Beaming: Standing next to former flame Ken on a doorstep, Claudia appeared to be wearing pyjamas and beamed from ear to ear between scenes

Claudia Beaming: Claudia was seen standing next to Ken at a front door in pyjamas. She beams from ear-to-ear as she reflects between scenes

Return: It was announced last month that Claudia would return to the soap, and viewers last saw her in action in April 2020

Return: Claudia will be returning to the soap in February 2020.

This comes just a few days after Emmerdale and Coronation Street cast members were told to be careful due to the ‘alarming’ number of Covid cases that had been reported on their shows.

Corrie was back on location in July for the first time since April.

Between takes, masks were used and social distancing was observed. Cast members also had to apply their make-up.

Dapper: Long-time Corrie favourite Ken looked dapper on set in the middle of the week

The Dapper One: Ken, a long-time Corrie favorite looked dapper while on the set during the middle part of the week

Change of outfit: When actor Bill Roache arrived on the Manchester set he was wearing casual trousers and trainers

Modification of the outfit: Actor Bill Roache was dressed in casual pants and trainers when he arrived at Manchester.

Decisions: In April, Claudia decided to stay at Stillwaters' retirement village despite Ken returning back to Weatherfield

Decisions: Claudia made a decision to remain at Stillwaters Retirement Village despite Ken’s return to Weatherfield in April.

The coronavirus pandemic caused Bosses to stop filming for both shows during January.

The cast and crew decided to end filming on Corrie to allow them to take a break from the stress of filming during coronavirus crises.

After a member of the Emmerdale production team contracted COVID-19, ITV executives suspended Emmerdale filming.

Cast: Also shooting funeral scenes mid-week was Billy Mayhew who was wearing his priest's collar

Cast: Billy Mayhew, who was also filming funeral scenes during the week, was also wearing his priest’s neck

Head to toe: George Shuttleworth was also dressed smartly from head to toe

From head to toe, George Shuttleworth also looked smart from head to tail

Smart: Gavin Moss looked smart as he strolled around set wearing a pinstripe suit

Smart: Gavin Moss was smart in his pinstripe suit as he walked around the set.

MailOnline was informed by an ITV spokesperson that Coronation Street would suspend filming starting next Monday 25 January, for two weeks in order to complete some script rewriting due to the pandemic coronavirus.

“We’ll also take the time to examine all safety and health requirements in order to continue providing a safe environment for cast and crew.

“This filming pause won’t impact our ability to produce six episodes of Coronation Street every week.

Floaty: Mary Taylor was first seen on set wearing a floaty khaki dress

Mary Taylor first wore a floaty khaki gown on the set.

Quick change: The character then filmed scenes in a white, shin-skimming frock

Fast change: After filming scenes, the character changed into a white, shinskimming gown.

Sandals: Mary teamed her dress with open-toe sandals and wore her hair up

Sandals: Mary styled her gown with sandals, and her hair was up.


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