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EA believes it doesn’t receive enough credit for its achievements. With studios acquired

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EA believes it doesn't receive enough credit for its achievements.
With studios acquired

EA is known for its reputation in closing down and acquiring studios. Fans have not been happy with the publisher closing down beloved developers like Bullfrog, Westwood, Pandemic, and Black Box. But, at least Respawn has a fantastic, financially profitable battle royale game and EA wants to keep its focus there.

When asked by an investor about the performance of Codemasters 2021 and F1 20,21, Blake Jorgensen, the CFO, stated that Codemasters has exceeded our expectations and the studio has integrated well with EA. I think this deserves a lot of credit. EA is made up of many people that can collaborate well and do an excellent job working together with the other departments of our company. We also work with acquisitions.

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Jorgensen believes that Respawn is the “poster boy” of successful EA acquisitions. Look at the success of Apex. It is all a team effort. Apex’s incredible development has been driven by Respawn. They teamed up with us very well and helped drive Apex to nearly $2 billion over the past two years. This is unheard-of in our industry.

Jorgensen says that Jorgensen isn’t sure they get enough credit. It doesn’t matter to me. It is incredible what teams can accomplish, at the end of it all.”

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