Everspace 2 will “stand alone in space” game genre”

Everspace 2’s early access space game has received a major update today. It adds new chapters to the single-player campaign, and introduces a star system for exploration. Everspace 2 developers explained in a lengthy blog that the game is not competing with “juggernauts”, which are designed to feel and look more real.

The most recent update to the game is Zharkov: The Vortex. It takes you to dangerous new systems where alien secrets can be found, loot can be obtained, as well as puzzle-solving. Zharkov is itself a swirling vortex orbiting its central star. It’s home to massive cloud formations and electrical storms as well as mysterious “vertical asteroids”.

Rockfish spends some time updating the post in order to answer questions from players about the game’s ‘hardcore’ nature. In addition to the puzzles mentioned above, Zharkov will also afford players the opportunity to remote-control an independent maintenance drone through six-degrees-of-freedom mazes found in a lunar mining colony, introducing a more classic Descent-style gameplay.

Rockfish claims that Everspace 2’s additions of drone piloting and puzzle-solving have always been part its vision. It also says that Everspace 2 was not meant to be a competition with the “juggernauts” of space games, obliquely referring games such as Elite Dangerous or No Man’s Sky.

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Rockfish states that there is enough space for an arcadey, space-action RPG. He believes looter-shooter mechanics will bring new ideas to space gaming. This Rockfish is excited. The game will be stronger if our designers are allowed to experiment with new additions.

Rockfish suggests that you look forward to Rockfish’s fusion hook. This allows you to attach objects with a tie and do “some cool zero G swing manoeuvers.”

Rockfish also optimized the installation to make it smaller and improved its user interface for crafting.

This is a major update. The full patch notes can be found at the bottom on Steam. If you want to be brought up-to (warp speed), then read the Everspace 2 first early access update as well as the roadmap for future developments.

Publited at Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021 11:55:55 +0000

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