“I required education”: Rapper DaBaby apologizes Homophobic remarks at gig

After comments made by DaBaby about HIV-positive individuals and gay men, he was widely criticized and kicked out of festival lineups.

The 29-year old Jonathan Kirk, real name Jonathan Kirk, told the audience to turn off their phones if they are HIV-positive, or if they perform sex acts on public roads.

It is not just that the virus seems to be affecting only those with it.DaBabyAlso, it incorrectly stated that “it will make you die within two to three weeks.”

In a Instagram post, more than one week after the incident, the musician apologized and stressed the importance of “educated”.

He stated that social media is moving so quickly, people are tempted to destroy you, before you have the chance to learn, grow and educate others.

It was difficult for me to learn from people who knew I had been through very hard times.

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I am grateful for the kindness of so many who have reached out to me to share their wisdom and education with me.

It was exactly what I wanted and received. For the hurtful, triggering remarks I made to the LGBTQ+ community, I want to apologize.

“Again, my ill-informed remarks about HIV/AIDS are apologies. I also know the importance of education.

Love to all. God bless.”

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Sir Elton John and Madonna were among the critics of DaBaby.

Sir Elton was the founder of Elton John AIDS Foundation, founded in 1992The rapper’s comments were not taken seriously, according to the statement.This “fosters stigmatization and discrimination” is exactly what the world needs in order to combat the AIDS epidemic.

Lipa, who previously worked with DaBaby.She said that she was horrifiedPlease see the comments.

Organisers atLollapalooza in Chicago dropped DaBabyThe festival’s closing line-up on Sunday.

On Twitter, the festival stated that its foundation was on diversity, inclusion, respect and love, adding that “DaBaby” will not be performing at Grant Park.

Dua Lipa will be among the artists performing Pic: AP
Dua Lipa stated that she was horrified by these remarks. Pic by AP

DaBaby was also dropped from New York City’s Governors Ball, Day N Vegas and Las Vegas’ Day N Vegas.

BooHoo, a clothing company, dropped his line.

After the release of Rockstar, the rapper received a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year.

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