It’s not clear: The frustration of travel for Britons Lists and restrictions may change

The Government’s travel guidelines are unclear to most UK citizens, according to a new YouGov poll. It was conducted July 27th by YouGov and asked 4500 adults across the UK: “How clear do you think the rules regarding travelling overseas are?”

Britons were hit by changes to travel restrictions this week, amid updated information and the Government’s shelving of plans for an Amber Watchlist. According to a new survey by YouGov, most UK adults find travel regulations set out by Government unclear.

A third of adults in the UK don’t find the rules easy to follow. 59 percent say they aren’t clear; 24% go one step further, declaring that the rules “not clear at all.”

According to the survey, understanding travel rules did not depend on age or region, nor income. UK adults are all equally confused.

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YouGov published the results of an identical survey in June asking 17 people “How clear is travel guidance across the globe?”

Europeans were all as confused as UK adults. Between 27 and 37 percent found the rules in Germany, France Spain, Italy Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain.

More than half the adults in these countries were not aware of travel restrictions. This gives UK citizens the comfort of knowing that they’re not the only one who cannot keep up with the country’s travel regulations.


Where adults felt travel regulations were clear and difficult to enter,

Most people in Australia, Singapore, and China found no travel restrictions.

The borders of all the countries mentioned above have been closed, making it clear what is acceptable for travel.

Even so, 21 to 32 percent of respondents in Australia, China and Singapore still found the rules unclear.

However, 46% of UK adults prefer holidays abroad to be “usually better”

It was difficult to imagine why vacationers would prefer to travel overseas rather than visit the UK. There weren’t any follow-up questions.

27 percent believed there were no real differences in staycations and overseas vacations.

The UK has many things to offer holidaymakers, as 16 percent of respondents preferred UK vacations.

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