Left 4 Dead 2’s survivors joined Zombie Army 4 to playable Characters

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Left 4 Dead 2’s legendary survivor lineup is going on an undead adventure. This time, they will be appearing in Rebellion’s Zombie Army 4 : Dead War as playable characters.

Coach, Ellis and Nick – all of whom made their debut in Valve’s iconic co-operative FPS sequel in 2009, and who then returned to action with The Last Stand in 2020’s official update – will be joining Zombie Army 4 in Rebellion’s Left 4 Dead Character Pack 2. Available now on all platforms. These characters are based on the original Left 4 Dead cast who were joined Zombie Army 4 earlier in this year as playable characters.

This new team’s arrival is scheduled to coincide with Zombie Army 4 Season 3’s finale. It wraps up the current storyline in a new campaign mission Return to Hell. Rebellion teases that “our intrepid team [are] thrust] back into underworld.” “But this time, it’s a haunted manifestation Schweiger’s mind they must overcome in order to liberate him from Baron Umbra.”

Zombie Army 4: Return to Hell, Left4Dead DLC pack trailer

This final episode is part of Zombie Army 4’s new Return to Hell Pack, which is included in the game’s Season Pass 3 (costing PS29.99/EUR34.99/ $34.99 USD) or available to purchase separately for PS5.59/EUR6.99/$6.99. Season Pass holders will receive the Horror Headgear Pack and Van Helsing Weapon Skins as well as the Flat Gun Weapon Bundle. Rebellion has updated the patch notes.

The Left 4 Dead 2 gang’s back together in Zombie Army 4.

The Left 4 Dead DLC for Zombie Army 4 is not the first time Valve has given the zombie shooter the crossover treatment. Characters from both series have previously appeared in Dying Light and Resident Evil 6. Dead by Daylight and Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy.

Based on past comments by Valve, those hoping to see a true Left 4 Dead revival may be disappointed. However, the legacy of the series is being kept alive at least through World War Z (soon getting a first-person mode) or the upcoming spiritual successor Back 4 Blood.

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