Lord of the Rings: Sean Astin injures his foot on the set of Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson encountered many obstacles while filming the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The cast of over 100 actors had to battle the New Zealand elements and dangerous terrain. It was evident in a scene Sean, Samwise Gamgee’s star, was filming where he ran toward Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), during the last moments of The Fellowship of the Ring.


Sean explains the situation in the bonus features of the Lord of the Rings DVDs.

His words were: “I am running at a slow pace and when my right foot touches the water, it is just this sharp sensation.

“And then I grabbed the side of the boat, and it hurt so badly,”

Sean was almost paralysed when his prosthetic foot fell into the water.

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Peter stated in DVD Extras that Sean’s foot was almost impaled by the shards of glass.

It was deep in the foot when they removed the prosthetic. This was quite a large cut.

Elijah could be heard saying, “That’s quite a blood!”

Peter revealed that Sean needed to be taken to the hospital and out of the woods by someone else.

Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan, Merry and Pippin’s actors explained to Sean that Sean’s actions required them to re-film Frodo leaving Frodo at the Grey Havens.

Dominic spoke on the Friendship Onion’s podcast and said that “We had to perform [the scene] three more times!”

Billy explained that Sean Astin (who plays Samwise) was in the wrong costume.

Billy said, “After lunch, the vest was taken off to have lunch.” He forgot to take off his vest when he returned so it was destroyed.

The film that was used for the shot was destroyed.

He added, “We returned another day to film it again and it was destroyed at the factory.” We had to do it all over again! We had to repeat it three more times.

You can now watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy online.

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