Noel Clarke quits the production company following misconduct Allegations


Noel Clarke quits the production company following misconduct

Noel Clarke, who was accused of bullying and sexual misconduct earlier in the year has now officially quit his production company.

ClarkeHis business partner Jason Maza and he have left Unstoppable Film and TV together, their bosses said.

Sky News was informed by a spokesperson for All3Media (of which Unstoppable a subsidiary) that “Noel Clarke had left Unstoppable Film and TV.” Jason Maza also left the company.

Maza shared a message on Instagram Stories Monday saying: “Today, I leave Unstoppable Film and TV. After 3 years. It has been quite a ride. Thanks to All3Media, the cast and crew of incredibly talented writers and actors that I have worked with. “Now, onto the next chapter.”

They founded the business several years back. All3Media backed it in 2018.

Clarke is embroiled with controversy since April when 20 women claimed that Clarke had bullied and harassed them in an investigation published by The Guardian.

Later, he had hisBAFTA Membership suspendedSky stopped all his work and Viewpoint’s season finale was not broadcast.

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Clarke was later accused of sexual misconduct while Clarke was on Doctor Who’s set after the first allegations became public.

He previously stated that he denies any allegations of criminal behavior or sexual misconduct and would seek professional assistance.

Clarke, born in London, won an early reputation for his roles in the gritty British movies Kidulthood & Adulthood. After these films’ success, BAFTA gave him its Rising Star Gong.

His mainstream success was enhanced by his appearance in Doctor Who, and he also appeared in the Sky Police drama series Bulletproof.This has been cancelledSince 2018.

Sky News reached out to Clarke’s representatives for comment.

Publiated at 09:09:37, Wed, 4 Aug 2021


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