Portugal: Update on Travel: More Brits are now permitted in Portugal – What are the new rules?

After being placed under separate rules due to their vaccine, Portugal opened its doors to five million British tourists. Some countries have refused to recognize certain AstraZeneca vaccines. This means that travellers who have been required to have full vaccinations cannot travel to those countries.

Portugal is one of 13 European nations that refused to recognize the Indian AstraZeneca dose.

Because of this specific batch, wannabe vacationmakers were turned away at the borders.

Although the AstraZeneca vaccination has been widely distributed in the UK, many recipients were unable to travel outside the UK to certain European countries because a particular batch made in India had not been approved for use by the European Medicines Agency.

The batch was approved but is not identical in chemical composition to any other AstraZeneca vaccinations.

Portugal wasn’t one of the many countries that did not recognize doses taken from the batch by the Serum Institute of India.

It has been revealed that the Portuguese government is now willing to recognize all AstraZeneca dosages, as well as Sinovac vaccines made in China.

Last month saw those who had received the dose were quarantined upon arrival in Portugal. Others have been refused travel.

The Indian AZ vaccine is not recognized by 13 EU countries.

Portugal is also open to business, but there are restrictions regarding gatherings or hospitality.

Bars and restaurants are permitted to stay open till 2 AM, but last orders must be placed by 1AM.

Six people can eat and drink in a single venue. Ten people may do so if they are seated outdoors.

Indoor entertainment is strictly prohibited. Dance floors cannot be opened.

The hotels are still operating normally, but with social distancing and sanitisation.

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