"Problematic": Spanish Expats are granted access to healthcare but
Brit warns about 'difficulty’

“Problematic”: Spanish Expats are granted access to healthcare but Brit warns about ‘difficulty’

"Problematic": Spanish Expats are granted access to healthcare but
Brit warns about 'difficulty’

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is valid in the UK, continues to work after it reached an agreement last year with the EU. However, Britons were warned about the possible difficulties.

A Place in the Sun, in collaboration with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and Department of Health and Social Care, found that 46 percent of Britons did not know their EHIC allows them free healthcare in Spain and other EU countries.

It isn’t just for foreign expats, it also applies to British tourists on vacation.

EHIC cards can be used in hospitals or clinics across the EU.

Britons will be able to apply for the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), which provides the same access after the expiration of the current card.

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“The European Union has agreed to continue the flexibility of travellers who wish to access healthcare services in Europe. It also ensures that certain categories, including pensioners eligible, are protected from the rising costs associated with healthcare when they travel.

Andy Bridge is the managing director of A Place in the Sun.

This clarification is welcomed by homeowners, holidaymakers and potential property buyers, even though it means that British citizens can now only spend 90 days of the 180 in Spain.

Nigel Ayres is an expat who lives in Spain. He explained that getting private insurance is crucial and is the biggest problem Briton have when moving abroad.

Nigel said: “The Golden Visa has a lower income requirement, but it requires you to invest EUR500,000 in Spain property.”

Private health insurance is one of the conditions for the non-lucrative Visa.

The applicant must be able to provide full Spanish coverage for at least one calendar year through a Spanish insurer.

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