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Release date for New World pushed back. Will it be new? Beta?

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Release date for New World pushed back. Will it be new?

This week’s disappointing news for MMO lovers was the announcement that Amazon’s new title would be delayed.

Gamers were concerned about the New World’s release date, having already suffered several of them in the past.

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Amazon has changed only the launch date slightly, so beta users who liked the beta program will not have to wait any longer.

In a very short time, the New World beta was extremely popular on Steam.

This game has all the potential to be the next major MMO. It’s currently only available for PC, but there is scope for expansion.


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Amazon confirmed the change in release date for New World from August to September 28th, 2021.

New World has verified the causes of the changes. They include the necessity to eliminate bugs and increase stability.

The New World team sent a message explaining that they want New World to launch smoothly and enjoyable for everyone. This means improving on the Closed Beta experience.

We’ll take some extra time to fix bugs and improve stability before we launch the game. New World will launch its global expansion on September 28, 2021.

This was not an easy decision. This is not the first time that we have changed our launch date to ensure quality. We also know it’s disappointing to delay a little longer.

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We want you to have the best game possible at launch. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Only problem with the Closed Beta version is the inability to carry forward all of the work done during this test to full-fledged experience.

Amazon Games’ role-playing game, The New World MMO, is available. It includes PvP as well as PvE.

Fans can look forward to many options in terms of the game’s gameplay.

We wanted PvP hotspots to be open to everyone, as other important PvP events like Wars or Outpost Rush were scheduled.

We felt the forts in each area were not being used enough, so we decided to offer players reasons to explore these places outside of Wars.

We’ve made each fort in the region a PvP control center that provides both territorial and global rewards to the ruling faction. This will allow players to participate in PvP open-world that benefits their particular faction.

To enter Territory Forts, players must be PvP flagged. Players will fight to take control of forts that have a control point. A faction that has more members than the other factions at the control points will slowly take control of the point.

The faster a faction can capture a control point the more they have players. Each fort’s status will be displayed on the global map so that everyone can view which factions have claimed them and which are being contested.

Region-wide messages are sent to players when rival factions attack a control points. This will notify them that it is under threat and bring more attention to the area. If another company claims the territory, control points can be used immediately to fight for it.

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