Spain holiday sales plummet after country loses five million Tourists and EUR6 Billion

Spain is now open to tourists, but global travel restrictions, such as those in the UK, continue to impact holidays. Local reports claim that the country has received fewer tourists in 2021’s first half than in 2020. This year was known for being the most difficult in tourism history.

Spain has lost approximately EUR6 billion due to five million less tourists visiting it.

Although Spain welcomes back tourists, it had 2.2 million visitors in June, which is 75 percent more than the number of 2019’s same month.

This comes amid growing concerns about Spain’s traffic light status.

Rising Covid cases, coupled with an incline in the Beta variant, has led to speculation the nation could be moved from the amber list to the red list.

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The country also saw an increase in spending, reaching EUR2,416 millions, which is 73 percent higher than the month before.

The figures are still low compared to 2019, which saw 18 million Britons visit Spain. This includes 3.7 million Britons who traveled to the Balearics.

Although the UK is the most popular destination for holidaymakers in Spain, they were fourth in terms of the total number of visitors to Spain in June.

Although the Spanish government is hoping for 17,000,000 overseas visitors to Spain over the summer months it seems that the UK will be a key player.

French tourists are the most popular with 438,560 Spanish holidaymakers arriving in Spain.

Fully vaccinated Britons are able to return from countries on the amber list without being subject to quarantine.

This does not apply for destinations on the amber plus lists.

At the moment, France is not on the UK’s amber plus. __S.16__

Maria Ortega provides additional reporting.

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