The 10 Best Websites to Analyze Your Spotify Data

A website that analyzes Spotify data sometimes crashes on Twitter, and we are left with no other options for 24 hours. It’s then quickly forgotten. These websites can still be valuable for listening to your listening habits.

Our ten top websites to analyze Spotify data have been scoured all corners of the web.

There is one caveat. You will need to log in to Spotify to allow these websites to access your Spotify data. If that is not what you are comfortable with, then you might want to skip this step.

But if you’re the type of person who spends your days counting down to Spotify Wrapped or need your listening habits analyzed more than once a year, check out these websites that analyze your Spotify data.

1. Spotify stats

Stats for Spotify is your classic Spotify data analyzer. You can see your most popular tracks, artists and genres by the last four weeks, six months and over all times. Stats for Spotify also displays how the top songs, artists and genres of your Spotify playlists changed over time.

2. 2.

How Bad is Your Spotify is an AI that judges your music taste. The snarky analysis of user listening habits gained it popularity in December 2020.

Don’t judge me.
Credit: Screenshot: How bad is your spotify?

3. 3.

Obscurify tells you how obscure the music you listen to is compared to other Obscurify users. It also shows your five most obscure artists. This is the best part of Obscurify. The program also evaluates your music for happiness, danceability and energy, then compares that to the work of other users. Obscurify also shows you the top 10 songs in each decade.

4. Zodiac Affinity

If you’re an astrology lover, you’ll appreciate Zodiac Affinity. The program determines the five songs that align best with your star sign. We don’t know what criteria it uses.

5. Find Quickly

Discover Quickly sorts your playlists, top songs, and top artists by different criteria like popularity and danceability. You can also see all the Spotify-exclusive genres such as deep metalcore and acid house. Clicking on any genre will bring up a list of related songs. It is also possible to select “random” genre and the playlist will be generated from songs belonging to that random genre.

6. MusicScape

MusicScape generates a landscape based on your recent listening. To create the landscape, the landscape considers the key, mood, energy, and mode of your listening.

What does your musicScape look like?
Credit: Screenshot: musicscape

7. MusicTaste.Space

MusicTaste.Space is fun because it allows you to compare your listening with another Spotify user. Send a friend this link and you’ll see all of the similarities between top tracks and artists.

8. Receiptify

Receiptify puts your top ten tracks on a trendy receipt. Your top songs can be chosen from the past month, six months or all time.

Receiptify gives you an Insta Story ready list of your top songs.
Credit: screenshot: Receiptify

9. What NPRcore score are you?

How NPRcore are you analyzes how closely your music taste aligns with NPR music. This will tell you how NPRcore your music is and what songs and artists you like the most. You can also choose the time period you wish it to analyse, just like other websites.

10. 10.Moodify

This AI generates a playlist for you based on the mood of the song you’re currently listening to.

After you’ve had your fun poking around these websites and annoying your followers with your music taste, you can unlink your Spotify from these websites by going to Spotify app settings and selecting “Remove Access.”

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