The first birthday of Fall Guys is celebrated Cosmetics in its initial stages

For a short time, you can also earn double crowns

Today, August 4, is Fall Guys’ first anniversary. Mediatonic’s game of battle royale, which was developed by Mediatonic, will celebrate with special birthday cosmetics at a fraction of the price and an opportunity to go back in time as it retraces its initial stages.

Fall Guys’ fifth season, which is jungle-themed, continues to be the main event. However, players have the opportunity to go back in time with the Anniversary Party Show, where they can see the original rounds.

Mediatonic also added two new birthday cosmetics in the game store. One is a bodysuit, decorated with balloons and cakes. The other has a crown for the occasion. You can purchase them for just 10 Kudos each.

Fall Guys’ special birthday cosmetics, as modelled by yours truly.

The in-game countdown shows that Fall Guys’ celebration cosmetics won’t be around tomorrow morning while the Anniversary Party Show will be open for four days. Double crown rewards are available for a short time.

Fall Guys – Ratchet & Clank Reveal trailer.

The Fall Guys’ Anniversary Celebrations will take place in the pause between Ratchet & Clank’s limited-time events. The first part is over. Players will still be able earn Clank-themed cosmetics between 6th and 15th August.

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