What countries are included on the green-list? All 36 countries Full list

Every three weeks, the Government reviews the travel traffic light system. Numerous countries were added to the greenlist as a result of the most recent review. This was much to the joy of potential holidaymakers. The green list allows people to travel abroad without needing to quarantine upon arrival in England.

What countries are currently on the green-list?

Austria, Germany and Slovenia will join the green list at 4am Sunday August 8, with Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia and Lettland.

These news updates mean that there will now be 36 territories or countries on the green travel list starting August 8.

Numerous countries on the green watchlist are currently in danger of becoming amber.

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Which rules are on the green list?

Before traveling to England, adults and children over 11 years old must pass the COVID-19 exam.

Travellers must book and pay for the day 2 COVID-19 exam before they can travel to England. This must be done after arrival in England.

Before arriving in England, travellers must also complete the passenger locator form.

The day 2 Covid test is not required for children under four years of age.

If a person is travelling from a country on the green list, they do not need to be quarantined unless they have tested positive for COVID-19.

What has changed about the traffic lights system?

The latest travel review has moved India, Bahrain and Qatar from the red list to the amber.

The red list now includes Georgia, Mexico and La Reunion.

France was subject to additional travel restrictions last month. This meant that fully-vaccinated persons would need to be quarantined upon their arrival in England, despite France not being on the amber List.

It has been confirmed that those arriving from France won’t need to be quarantined upon their return to England, provided they have received all necessary vaccinations.

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