Xbox unveils a Life-Size Warthog from 20th Century Studios
Premiere of "Free Guy" World

Xbox unveils a Life-Size Warthog from 20th Century Studios Premiere of “Free Guy” World

Xbox has unveiled an exact replica, life-size and scaled-up Warthog — an all terrain vehicle that transports troops and supplies through hostile battlefields — to be played on its Xbox One console.Halo InfiniteAt the New York premiere of 20th Century Studios’ “Free Guy”, You might be able to spot certain Halo-themed all-terrain vehicles or tanks if you keep your eyes open during Free Guy.

Xbox unveils a Life-Size Warthog from 20th Century Studios
Premiere of "Free Guy" World

Hoonigan Industries was the first lifestyle brand to create this iconic vehicle. It worked with Halo Industries and 343 Industries. This Warthog is a project-built Warthog that only uses hi-res renders and images from HaloInfinite. The Warthog will be available for purchase starting this holiday season. Hoonigan Industries handcrafted the vehicle’s body, interior and switchgear. The accessories were also handmade. It looks like it can carry the Master Chief to battle. But it runs just as well! The Warthog stands tall on custom-made 20-inch wheels and 43-inch tires. It is also fully functional and tested off-road with a twin turbo small block Ford V8 of 1000+ horsepower. This engine powers Ken Block’s Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2.

World Premiere of 20th Century Studios' Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds also announced that the Xbox Game Pass Non Player Character Awards winner was Doom’s Samuel Hayden – a UAC high ranking official, who might or not be completely machine. Reynolds expresses his dismay at Guy’s (“Free Guy”) loss in this video.

These were the results of an official Twitter poll:

  • Samuel Hayden(Doom() 46%
  • Parvati Holcomb(The Outer Worlds( 17.9%
  • Mollie, Chief Trader(Sea of Thieves( 6.6%
  • Guy(No cost to the Guy(29.5%

Keep an eye out for Warthogs. You never know when it might appear next.

World Premiere of 20th Century Studios' Free Guy

The “Free Guy”

Twentieth Century Studios’ “Free Guy” is an epic adventure-comedy about a bank teller, who finds out he is actually playing in an open-world game background. He decides to be the hero of his story, which he creates. In a world without limits, he decides to become the hero who saves his planet before it’s too late. Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds star. Utkarsh Abudkar, Joe Keery and Utkarsh Howery also appear in “Free Guy”. Shawn Levy directed the film from a screenplay written by Zak Penn and Matt Lieberman. Lieberman wrote the story. Ryan Reynolds is the film’s producer. Shawn Levy and Sarah Schechter are Sarah Schechter and Greg Berlanti, respectively. Dan Levine, George Dewey and Michael Riley McGrath serve as executive producers.

For more information ahead of the U.S. theatrical release of “Free Guy” on August 13, visit:

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