You can become a space pirate and fight the demons in madness Get your beverage



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  • The classic, first-person shooter that takes you on a journey through space.
  • You will play the part of a space pirate and reopen Hell’s gates.

Today is the day you begin to fight against evil forcesMadness Drink,S. After a lot of work, we are very pleased with the final product. We’d like to show you the journey of the pirate and give you an idea of what to expect in our game.

Madness Beverage

Caleb, the protagonist of the game receives an unusual message via his radio at the start. Caleb learns from his radio that the evil Manos has unleashed demons, closing the Hell gates. These unholy creatures are now free to roam all the planets. If you are killed you will become one of Manos’ demonic slaves. So that players could prepare for an adventure full of boss fights and shooting demons in a classic sci-fi setting, we created a game that drew inspiration from old-school shooters. Madness Beer is set in space, and offers the chance to become a space pirate. But not any other pirate. Caleb was to fight demons because he believes they are bad for his company. Caleb is not the typical hero.

Madness Beverage

Players will be visiting a handful of locations throughout the game. Some of these locations are quite common for the genre. Players can explore old castles and secret laboratories as well as lava caves believed to once have been the home to dragons. These locations will be described and illustrated in the game. You will be taken to dark and shady places in the game. If you don’t want to get eaten alive or burnt to a crisp or become a demon or something else, be careful. Although it will be difficult, you can save valuable picks and get Madness Drop. You can find Madness Drops online and make powerful drinks to help you on your journey. This feature is very exciting, so we will take a look at the drinks.

Madness Beverage

Every beverage comes in a unique color. You might feel like you are cheating by drinking some of these beverages. The orange beverage allows you to see through walls, while the red makes you extremely powerful. You can do more damage to enemies when using it, but you should be cautious. It’s not always easy. You may suffer some consequences after using our beverages. You may experience some side effects, such as poisoning, or seeing fake phantoms. However, these drinks will allow you to fight your way past the many monsters. You should use them sparingly. Beat as many demons possible.

Madness Beverage

These are only a handful of the captivating aspects ofMadness DrinkYou can find it here. You are sure to enjoy this game if you like old-school shooters with humor. As much as we loved making this game, we hope that you will enjoy exploring different places and hunting down the Madness Drop as well as shooting the demons along the way. We appreciate you taking time to read the post. For the most recent news, follow @BlueSunsetGames or @ConsoleLabs via Twitter and FacebookMadness Drink.

Madness Drink


Fight Manos’ demons
You can become a space pirate to fight the demons set free from Manos, an evil villan. Explore alien planets, abandoned caves, ancient castles, and dark corridors. Be aware of what lurks in the darkness! You will need to defeat Manos by surviving demonic hordes, collecting powerful drinks and overcoming demons. You may be wondering how you can do that. You have access to a whole range of powerful weapons, as well as strong drinks that can give you special abilities!
Visit the Space Market
Kaanatan, a space market in the middle of the galaxy is very popular. It is where mercenaries and thugs, as well as dignitaries, live and trade. There are plenty of things to be found here. You’ll find something to your liking, no matter what time of day you visit. Caleb will meet Xeos, his friend and prepare magical drinks for him!

The Madness Drop
Find the origin of radio signals in an ancient castle in Neo Valkyria. Explore Alien World and its fascinating wildlife. And, don’t get burned to death while you are on Lava Cave missions. It was once home to dragons, according to legends. It’s all just legends. You might be surprised at the truth of these legends. Get Madness Drop to continue your journey through space.

Pick your poison
You can choose from purple, green, orange, red or blue. We offer a wide range of drinks for all tastes. Each one has its unique strength. Are you looking for some extra space? Purple Beverage can inflict injury and drive your adversaries away. You can protect yourself and slow down your enemies. They will move through walls faster, become more powerful, and you’ll be able to do so without paying a lot.

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