A legendary well is a UK tourist hotspot that has healing powers. That revived the medieval princess

St Winefride’s Well in Holywell, Flintshire, is said to be the oldest pilgrimage site in the UK after its waters ‘brought a person back to life’. Although you may not be familiar with this horrific tale, it has been told for many generations.

According to legend, Prince Caradog murdered Winifred, a pretty virgin martyr, during the seventh century.

The young prince proposed to Winifred marriage while stopping at water. Winifred wanted to be a nun in order not lose her virginity.

Caradog, furious about being rejected by the martyr, tried to force her to kill her but she was able to escape to safety and run to a church.

Before Winifred could hide behind the doors of the church, the prince charged up on horseback to winnow her and killed her.

This is where a spring appeared. It’s also called the “Lourdes of Wales”, because it had healing properties.

Winifred was found dead in her home. Her uncle was able to miraculously revive her by putting her head on the spring.

Over a thousand people have made the pilgrimage from all over the globe to take the water and then write their initials on the walls of the chapel.

For those who feel they have been healed by the water of the spring, there are summaries available at the church.

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