As 22 million Britons are ‘priced out,’ holiday dreams become a nightmare By expensive PCR testing

Holidays are a far reach for many UK citizens this summer, with a reported 22 million having been “priced out” of overseas travel due to the financial implications of testing requirements. According to ZAVA, those who were able to fly abroad for tests have had to pay as high as PS195 per individual.

According to ZAVA’s research, British travelers have lost an estimated PS1.6 Billion due to these expenses since March 2020.

A positive COVID-19 result added to the devastation for one of ten people who were able to get a test.

Britons also complain about the added admin required to follow the current Government guidelines.

Nearly 40% of respondents said that finding reliable testing providers was difficult due to the flood of scams.

Trading Standards issued a warning in May after numerous complaints from holidaymakers that they had been tricked into believing there were fake COVID-19 certificates and fake tests.

In a statement, Bruce Treloar (CTSI’s lead officer for holiday- and travel law) stated that a number of Trading Standards Authorities were currently looking into cases in which travellers unwittingly paid more than PS100 to fraudsters in exchange for a quick turn-around’ COVID-19 exam and got a false ‘all clear’ certificate.

Even certified tests can pose risks.

Due to high demand and slow processing times, some tests may not be available in the time required for travel.

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“It is a really big deal for people who need to take a test to fly to go away,” pointed out Nicky Kelvin head of The Point Guys UK.

You must take a PCR test if you are going to Spain without being vaccinated.

You have a problem if the test fails to show up or the results are not available before you fly.

Online doctor ZAVA Dr Babak Ashrafi said that traveling is a freedom many Britons miss, whether it’s to reunite or for a short break.

After such an awful year, about a third of us believe we are entitled to a vacation abroad.

It’s crucial to understand and take time to properly research the mandatory testing requirements, to buy from reliable government-backed programs, and to be aware of COVID-19 scams.

This will allow us as a nation to return safely to our travels and reduce stress.

Chor (27-year-old Briton from Bristol) said that a quick turnaround was essential for their trip to Spain.

They said that they were a frequent traveller who used to travel the globe every year. However, it was difficult for them to do so because of the number of paperwork and testing required.

The requirement for a PCR test in 48 hours to fly to Spain could have made my day very stressful. Fortunately, the COVID testing service provided by ZAVA was excellent and I got the Fit to Fly certificate the next morning.

The process of booking and traveling was fairly straightforward. However, I found the preparation work and constant changes in policy more difficult.

Nicky Kelvin believes that the Government should do more to give a clearer and more transparent view of the testing companies on its approved list.

A travel expert also calls for more affordable testing.

He stated, “I believe testing needs to be more affordable.”

“I think that some providers do a better job of providing affordable testing.

It is very difficult for travellers to make a booking with an approved government provider. The list is huge.

The Government should consider implementing a policy to lower prices, but to also provide more transparency and certainty about the providers of good services. We have enough reports to show that people are late arriving or are not getting the results they need quickly.

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