As the UK announced, Spain is subject to new restrictions on testing Fears about Covid variants

The Government is urging all passengers travelling from Spain to the UK to take a PCR test before departing. At the moment, only green and amber-list countries require that travellers return from them must undergo a pre-departure testing. This can either be a side flow or aPCR test.

However, a rise in coronavirus cases and subsequent variants, has led the Government to issue a new warning to those flying to the UK.

The Department of Transport updated Wednesday night to say that it had recommended the pre-departure use of a DNA test.

According to the advice, “Arrivals of Spain and its islands should use a PCR as their pre-departure testing whenever possible in order to protect themselves against increasing prevalences of the virus or variants within the country.”

Scientists and clinicians from the UK are believed to communicate regularly with Spanish counterparts to stay abreast on all aspects of Spain.

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The Department of Transport stated that travellers coming from Spain should take a PCR testing as a pre-departure precaution due to the potential for the UK to import variants of concern. This includes the Beta and B.1.621 variants. It also takes into account the traveller volume and positive rates in Spain.

“Positive PCR test results can be sequenced genomically, which allows us to identify and better understand variants of concern.”

ECDC, the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has declared Spain and the Balearic Islands to be in its “dark-red” category and advised against travel to this country.

This comes after the country recorded more than 500 cases of infection per 100,000 people in the past 14 days.

Spain had 4,523310 COVID-19 cases as of August 4, 2021.

The nation is still on the UK’s Amber List, along with the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

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This means travellers who have received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine administered and authorised in the UK, US or EU are permitted to enter the UK without quarantine.

However, they must pass two Covid exams.

It includes both a pre-departure and second day of arrival tests.

This decision will be good for Spain’s tourism industry, which had seen an incredibly low foot traffic from the UK.

During this time, Spain’s second-highest tourist market is France.

In accordance with the Department of Transport’s latest traffic light update, seven additional countries were added to its green list, the Department of Transport has issued its PCR warning.

They include Austria, Germany and Slovenia.

While four nations are expected to move onto the amber, another four will be added to the red.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, stated: “We are dedicated to opening up international travel safe, taking advantage the gains that we’ve made with our successful vaccine programme, helping families, friends, and businesses around the globe.

While we need to remain cautious, the changes today open up a variety of holiday destinations around the world, which is great news both for the sector as well as the traveling public.

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