Beta version of Ubisoft’s extreme sport game Riders Republic is now available Later in the month

For PlayStation 3, Xbox and PC, sign-ups are now available

Ubisoft’s mass multiplayer outdoor extremism game Riders Republic, which was previously announced by the company, will be available for beta testing later in August.

Riders Republic can be considered a spiritual successor of Ubisoft’s popular winter sports game Steep. However, while Steep was primarily focused on skiing, Riders Republic covers a wider range of activities including riding and using wing suits (both vanilla-powered and jet-powered), as well as snowboarding and ski touring.

Riders Republic offers players the opportunity to experience its world, which is made up of seven US national parks, including Bryce Canyon and Canyonlands. Ubisoft has been pushing for the large-scale races, with up to 50 participants, in their game.

Riders Republic Beta Announcement Trailer

Riders Republic’s closed beta, which will run from 23rd to 25th August, on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, offers participants the opportunity to try out three careers in the game: Bike Races (Snow Tricks), Bike Races (Bike Racing), and Air Sports.

Ubisoft has added two new modes to the game: Mass Races (which Ubisoft calls mass races), and Tricks Battle which allows players to compete in six-on-six matches, where they can capture modules or perform tricks. Beta will include Free for All. This allows players to challenge each other across multiple playlist events and Versus Mode where they can jump into the careers of their friends.

Participants can register to participate in beta testing via Riders Republic’s website. Ubisoft also notes that beta participants are allowed to invite two friends.

Riders Republic was announced at the tail end of last year and has been delayed twice. However, it is expected that there will be no further delays as it nears its 28th October launch date on Xbox, PlayStation 3, PC and Stadia.

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