Brown targets Paris 2024 skate- and surf events


Sky Brown (13 years old) became the youngest GB gold medallist in a Games. This surpasses the mark set by Sarah Hardcastle, who was 15 at the time. Brown said: “I plan to do some surfing trips, skate a bit, and maybe get into the Olympics for skating and surfing.”

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Sky Brown says she hopes to represent Team GB in surfing as well as skateboarding in the future, after she won bronze to claim Britain's first ever skateboarding medal

Sky Brown says she hopes to represent Team GB in surfing as well as skateboarding in the future, after she won bronze to claim Britain’s first ever skateboarding medal
Sky Brown said she wants to represent Team GB both in surf and skateboarding. She won bronze in Britain for her first ever medal in skateboarding.

After becoming Britain’s youngest Summer Olympic medallist, Sky Brown will be competing in two sports at the Paris 2024 Games: skateboarding and surfing.

On Wednesday, the 13-year old won bronze at the women’s skateboarding event. Japan’s Sakura Yosozumi (19), and KokonaHiraki (12) took gold and silver.

In her second attempt at a Kickflip Indy, she fell twice but managed to recover and hold her nerve for the final run. She was replaced by Sarah Hardcastle in Britain as Britain’s youngest medallist.

Brown is now aiming to compete in surfing in the 2024 Olympics, just 12 months after she suffered a broken skull and fractured bones in her right arm in a practice session.

Brown conquered a difficult start to win bronze at Ariake Urban Sports Park

It’s possible she may not have the best job, however, since two years ago the Paris organizers selected Tahiti, South Pacific, which is 9,760 mi (15,700 km) from Paris, as the venue for the Games’ surf competition.

Brown came in third place behind Yosozumi (young Japanese duo) and Hiraki

Brown answered Sky Sports News when she was asked if she would compete within three years. Brown said that she plans to surf a lot when she returns home from the USA.

“I have been surfing for a long time before coming here and I believe I will go out on some trips, skate a bit, and maybe get in the next Olympics of surfing and skating.”

Skateboard GB chief executive James Hope-Gill believes Sky Brown’s success will be an inspiration to people all over the country

James Hope-Gill, Skateboard GB’s chief executive believes Sky Brown will inspire people across the country.

Brown was born in Miyazaki (Japan) to a Japanese father and a British mother. He competed in the 2016 US Open and was then first chosen to represent GB in 2018. In 2018, he finished third in the World Skateboarding Championships.

Brown was accompanied by her father, Stu, at Ariake Urban Sports Park. Brown then celebrated with her family via video chat before claiming the bronze medal along Yosozumi or Hiraki.

Brown targets Paris 2024 skate- and surf events

Brown, 13 years old, becomes the youngest GB Summer Olympic Medal winner

Sky Brown (13 years old) has been awarded the bronze medal by Team GB in women’s skateboarding, making her the youngest British medallist for the Olympics.

Brown exclaimed, “It was insane. It was incredible.” It was overwhelming. I felt speechless. I was thinking of so many things and the fact that I received the medal was amazing.

I just enjoy it. It made me happy to see my friends doing well.

She spoke out about her disappointments in the final and said that it made it feel better. “It [the bronze] medal] was definitely an unexpected surprise because I expected to get faster but it was what I got, so I’m happy.”

Brown’s bronze medal in park skating will be an inspiration to other girls across the country. The young Olympian also wants to encourage others her age to get into the sport.

Brown encourages other youth to try skateboarding.

She said, “Skateboarding can be a beautiful and very exciting sport. It is a sport that many people love and can be done anywhere.

You don’t need to go to a skate park. Instead, you can practice on flat runs. Everyone can skate.

If you don’t know what sport to do, then find it. You can try all kinds of sports, and I believe that you do. Take baby steps, get out there and try something new. See what happens.

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