Call of Duty Warzone Update ahead of Cold War Season 5 Start Date

Treyarch Software and Raven Software provide one last Call of Duty Warzone update, as Cold War Season 5 begins next week.

Already, there have been many hints and leaks about the next COD season. This includes news regarding new weaponry.

The TEC-9 Pistols were revealed in Season 5’s artwork. They are being used by Kitsune, a new operator.

Overpowered pistols can be released, so there is a chance that dual-wielding items could cause serious damage at close range.

Many factors will depend on clip size and velocity. However, most Cold War guns now offer competitive speed stats so the TEC-9 may be the next item to consider.

According to recent leaks, Treyarch may also be adding Summit to Outbreak Zombies’ map during Season 5.

Activision has arranged for an update to launch as an offer to anyone who wants to get a Battle Pass item.

It will go live in the next week, and it will offer double XP bonuses to both Cold War (Warzone) and Warzone.

Double XP, Double Battle Pass XP, and Double XP are available starting Friday, August 6th through Monday, August 9th.

Double Battle Pass XP allows you to get a couple more COD points, before the game resets in preparation for Cold War Season 5.

Activision will likely share a lot of information in the days before the launch. We might also get an update today (August 5).

Activision typically shares news about the Call of Duty Update a week prior to its release.

Gamers should expect to learn more over the next 48 hours, as well as new maps and weapons changes in the coming weeks.

Activision released the Black Ops Cold War trailer last year using Warzone. It had to be unlocked through completing unique challenges.

According to reports, this is a possibility to show off the next Call of Duty title.

Operation Vanguard, which is currently being developed by Sledgehammer games, is scheduled to release in November 2021.

Expect the new COD game to take place in the 1940s and 1950s. It will be heavily influenced by the WW2 era.

The latest information suggests that an important Call of Duty Warzone unveil event will be held in August 2021.

It is unknown what this event will look like and how interactive. Based on past events, we know that gamers will be following objectives on either the Verdansk and Rebirth Map.

Call of Duty Season 5 will feature this update. It will be made available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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