Eve Online launches the Amarr Empire’s Week-Long Foundation
Day Celebration

Eve Online launches the Amarr Empire’s Week-Long Foundation Day Celebration

Amarr is hosting another Eve Online Foundation Day party. With 40% of all the galaxy’s star systems inhabited, the Amarr Empire ranks as the most powerful empire in New Eden. Through August 12, the free-to-play space game will be open. It’s an opportunity to explore Amarr religion and history, as well as to take part in some special offers.

You can participate in daily challenges as part of the Amarr Foundation Day activities. These skill points will allow you to visit Amarr titan parades, and then shower them with fireworks. These parades are held regularly at Amarr and Ardishapur Prime. Amarr members can access new Holy Monument Sites in Thebeka and Seminar. A warp speed boost will be available in Amarr Space for the duration to aid you in getting around more efficiently.

There will also be mining blitzes opening in the Anidaza, San Matar (Derelik) and Sosarir(Domain). These will give you loyalty points which can be used for new Ship SKINs to the Crucifier and Dragoon as well as Prophecy.

The trailer is here:

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Foundation Day is a new celebration. This time, you will be free to play four players in Omen brawls. Modules are limited to meta 4, and lower. CCP, the developer, says that this Omen FFA does not allow resistance boosters such as anti-EM or anti-thermal rigs.

From August 6-10, the four-player Omen free for all runs. You can get a skill boost by using the Amarr Foundation Day Expert System. Also, try the Amarr attack cruiser.

Our Eve Online Beginner’s Guide can be a great resource for anyone just getting started in this complex world.

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