Control the Delta Variant could Lead To Avoid Vaccines

Fauci: A Failure to Control the Delta Variant could Lead To Avoid Vaccines for ‘Worse’ Mutations

Control the Delta Variant could Lead To Avoid VaccinesThe topline

Anthony Fauci, a top official in infectious diseases, stressed the need for the United States to quickly take control of the Delta variant. He warned that continued community spreading could result in even more deadly mutations of Covid-19 including ones capable of evading vaccine protection.

The Key Facts

Fauci said, “That will happen George,” during Thursday’s interview on ABC News.

The virus can spread quickly through the unvaccinated population, which is why it’s spreading rapidly,” stated President Biden’s top medical advisor.

Fauci stated that you might get another variant sooner or later, and that it’s possible that the variant could be worse than the one we have now. Fauci was referring to the delta variant which experts believe is more contagious than any other coronavirus strains.

The virus could also evolve, regardless of whether the person who contracted it has symptoms.

Fauci stressed that vaccines might be effective in preventing severe disease and death from Covid-19’s present mutations. However, this could not be the case with future evolutionary changes.

Chief Critic

Fauci stated that people who claim they don’t want to be vaccinated, “I mean, it’s only me. I won’t worry about anyone else.


Fauci’s warning came as Moderna announced Thursday morning its Covid-19 shot is about 93% effective through six months after the second dose. In July, Pfizer reported that the jab’s effectiveness has been steadily declining to 84% after six months. The vaccine manufacturers have both stated that booster shots will be required ahead of winter, especially due to the danger of the delta variant.

Important Background

Covid-19 hospitalizations and cases are on the rise in the delta variant, which is something that has not been witnessed since the beginning of U.S. vaccine rollout. More than 51,000 Americans are now hospitalized with Covid-19, an 87% increase from two weeks ago, and cases have increased 131% to a daily average of nearly 100,000 during the same period, according to data compiled by The New York Times. The death toll has increased by 65% in the last two weeks but is still below its winter peak of 410. Fauci stated that while the “unquestionable delta variant” is more contagious, it was “less certain” whether this actually causes more severe disease.

Here’s What to Watch

Fauci warned in an interview with McClatchy on Wednesday the U.S. could begin reporting between 100,000 and 200,000 new cases each day if safety precautions and vaccinations don’t increase. Fauci stated that just two months ago we had about 10,000 cases per day. The good news is that the numbers of Americans who have been vaccinated are steadily rising after months of declining. White House Covid-19 data director Cyrus Shahpar announced Tuesday, as the U.S. surpassed a 70% partial inoculation rate, that the seven-day average of newly vaccinated people (441,000) was the highest in more than a month.

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