Fortnite Disable Alien Boardboard: Week 9 Challenge: Get a detector to disable the billboard

Fortnite players are finding their way through Week 9’s new challenges.

Fans will receive a massive boost of XP by completing the most recent selection of Epic or Legendary Quests.

You’ll unlock the best rewards and level up your Battle Pass faster the more you have XP.

Epic Quests are, in general, general gameplay feats like eliminating enemies or using new weapons.

One of the Epic Quests for Week 9 asks players to use the GRABI-TRON weapon, which can be used to launch toilets.

Legendary quests are, however, more topical and can often be used to move the story along.

Week 9 Legendary Quests requires players to get Slone’s orders via a payphone, and eliminate trespassers.

Spy probes and alien Bioscanners pose a few challenges, as well as another that involves the new Billboards.

One challenge is worth 45,000 XP and involves players with e disabling an alien billboard, using a detector.

You must complete the challenge within one game to earn the 45kXP.

As you can see, it is quite easy to overcome the challenge if you know what you are doing.

You can find the alien detector at Misty Meadows by going to the fountain. To equip the alien detector, you must interact with it.

The next step is to climb up the hill nearby and deactivate the message subliminal displayed on the billboard.

For a full walkthrough, see the video below.

Fortnite Week 9 Legendary Quests…

* Slone can order from any payphone (1). 15,000 XP

* Equip an Detector and then disarm an alien billboard with one match (2) 45,000 XP

* Gather resources from Holly Hatchery 100 – 30,000XP

* Eliminate trespassers (3) – 30,000 XP

* Install a Bioscanner (1) in an alien biome – 30,000XP

*Place Spy Probes (3)- 30,000XP

Fortnite Week 9 Epic Quests

* Grab-itron(2) Launch toilets – 30,000XP

* Take a Saucer or Abductor as your passenger (1). 30,000 XP

* Do not take damage and deal 100 damage to your opponents in one match (1 – 30,000XP).

Recon Scanner to reveal an enemy, and then strike them with the Rail Gun (1). – 30,000XP

*Drive an IO car with off-road tires (1500) – 30,000 XP

* Use IO launchpads (1) – 30,000 XP

* Take an alien sample of a satellite dish with you to the Corny Complex entrance (1). – 30,000XP

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