Fortnite Event Time: What time is Fortnite Live? Ariana Grande Concert starting?

After weeks of waiting, Epic Games will host its next major event this week. Many gamers are eager to watch the Fortnite Live event, and many have questions about when and what they will contain.

Epic Games has a Fortnite event scheduled. It will be live streamed on PC, Xbox One, Xbox One and PC. This event is not tied to the new season’s launch or major map changes.

Gamers will instead be able enjoy live events that are more like a concert and less like a storyline episode. These events have taken place in Fortnite before, and Travis Scott is the most prominent.

These past events were interactive while some others were pure visual entertainment, such as those that brought music into Battle Royale. Fortnite’s biggest ever music festival could see another star visit the island.

Epic Games shared a lot about their plans already, including news that Ariana Grande would be performing at a major concert.

The Fortnite Rift Tour is a repeat of the Fortnite event. This means that anyone can tune in to see what happens and check it again if necessary.

The Fortnite event will go live across all platforms on August 6, but it will continue until August 8.

This is good news to anyone worried that they may miss the week of Battle Royale.


Epic Games has confirmed the next Fortnite Live Event. This means we now know when players should log in to servers.

According to what we have seen so far, Fortnite’s event is scheduled for Friday, August 6 at 11pm BST.

It is important to note that Fortnite’s servers may be affected by the event. Gamers should consider dropping in at 10 p.m. BST.

As mentioned, if today’s event is not available, you can tune in to the following events:

Fortnite Ariana Grande Event: Rift Tour Show 2 – Saturday, August 7, at 11am Pacific Time, 2pm Eastern Time, 7pm BST and 8pm CEST

Fortnite Ariana Grande Event: Rift Tour Show 3 – Saturday, August 7, at 9 PM Pacific Time, Sunday, August 8, at 12 AM Eastern Time, 5 AM BST, 6AM CEST

Fortnite Ariana Grande Event: Rift Tour Show 4 – Sunday, August 8, at 7am Pacific Time, 10am Eastern Time, 3pm BST and 4pm CEST

Fortnite Ariana Grande Event: Rift Tour Show 5 – Sunday, August 8, at 3pm Pacific Time, 6pm Eastern Time, 11pm BST and Monday, August 9, at 12am CEST

Fortnite Live Event will have many big spectacles and although it may not seem as interactive, there is a chance there will be lots of people watching the server to see what happens.

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