Free Guy Review: Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer and Jodie Coer are both super-effective


Trailer for Comedy Film: Ryan Reynolds is the Free Guy

Given the fact that videogame movies can be almost always awful, it’s exciting to watch a movie like Free Guy plunge headfirst into tropes that have decimated the genre and emerge victorious. Ryan Reynolds plays Guy and solves most of these problems. Guy, the non-player character (NPC), is the main video game player. He doesn’t gain any weight in Free City which is a hugely multiplayer online gaming world populated by many bloodthirsty players.

Guy acts just like everybody else in Free City: he works hard, speaks to Buddy (Lil Rel Howery), and then he heads home. Rinse, repeat.

His world is turned upside-down when he meets Millie, a real-life gaming enthusiast (Jodie Cooper).

Guy purchases a pair sunglasses from the players to help him see video gamification and level up to assist her in her quest.

The plot of Free Guy may be simple, but the small moments really shine.

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Free Guy review: Ryan Reynolds kills it as Guy (Image: 20TH CENTURY FOX)

Free Guy review: Jodie Comer is the star of the film (Image: 20TH CENTURY FOX)

Reynolds’s chic performance isn’t dull, but it gives the movie new life. The movie is also replete with incredible cameos that make it a truly memorable experience.

Millie is an interesting character. Guy plays the main character in the movie, but Comer brings life to the film.

Millie, when she’s in virtual reality, is determined and strong. MolotovGirl, Millie’s virtual avatar, is Comer channeling the stunning Villanelle skills she displayed in Killing Eve over many years.

Millie’s real life is less reserved. Millie is nervous. Insecure. She sincerely explained to me how much she needs validation, even though she is aware she does not need it.

Free Guy review: Taika Waititi plays the villain to the movie (Image: 20TH CENTURY FOX)

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney discuss Wrexham ownership

Overall Millie does a fantastic job and is, just like Olivia Cooke as Sam in Ready Player One, the true protagonist.

Millie is closely connected to Keys (Joe Keery), a programmer from Free City and Soonami.

They fight together against Antwan (Taika waititi), the evil owner of Soonami who’s uninspiringly out to get no good.

As Free Guy’s villain, Waititi can be both exciting and frustrating at times. Although his performances range from quippy hits and over-the top physicality to some degree, Waititi never comes across as much more than a wild comedian relief that ultimately destroys the movie’s stakes.

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Reynolds’ unique style of comedy helps to pick up the pieces and revitalizes any moments that are dull.

Millie joins forces with Guy to discover the secrets of Free City, and hopefully some justice for herself.

Free Guy has something very special in it. The story’s central theme is a subtle, refreshing love story that viewers might not see coming.

They are not given the usual hammering with clichés or written moments about long-lost lovers, but a truly unexpected path into relationships.

Fall Guy is unfortunately short at the end.

The devilish moments of Antwan are too long in some scenes.

The love story in Free Guy was also ended abruptly, not giving it the reward it deserved. Just a few more minutes.


The Free Guy series is full of excitement, brashness, thrills, and an unexpected amount. Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds are both great at creating characters that will be loved by many, even though the main plot is a bit weak. Although the story is a little lacking in depth, it feels as though it could use some more work.

Free Guy will be in cinemas August 13th, 2021.

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