IKEAs smart new air purifier

IKEA’s smart new air purifier, is also available in a surprising twist

This air purifier blends in well, so beauty bloggers beware. IKEA is announcing a smart air purifier disguised as a side table (or a side table that purifies the air, depending on which way you see it.)

IKEAs smart new air purifier
Credit IKEA

Many people are spending more time at their homes. So whether it’s a countertop dishwasher to make life a little easier in a shoebox apartment, or an air purifier to protect yourself from pathogens, now feels like a good time to invest in appliances. And with wildfires in California spreading across the country all the way to New York, air quality is suddenly a national issue.

This air purifier is a master of disguise.

Starkvind, IKEA’s smart purifier and latest product in its Home Smart range of products is the first. This means that when connected to the larger Home Smart system via another device called a Tradfri Gateway, you can control your Starkvind from your smartphone through IKEA’s app.

This air purifier is a master of disguise.

This purifier features a 3-stage filter system that captures everything, from dust and hair to smaller airborne particles such as pollen. Starkvind has five speeds, and an auto mode that adjusts the fan speed based on PM2.5 (fine particulate matter). This is thanks to the sensor. This sensor is capable of delivering air quality data to the above-mentioned app.

The Starkvind is also available in standalone models that don’t look like table air purifiers.

The standalone model has nothing to hide.

The standalone model has nothing to hide. Credit IKEA

Starkvind will become available October 20, 2121.

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