Jennifer Lopez has been added to the Met’s guest list Gala

Jennifer Lopez has’made the Met Gala guest list’. She will probably bring Ben Affleck, her new beau… she took A-Rod 2 years ago.

Rumours have it that Jennifer Lopez was on the Met Gala guest list.

Page Six reports that the On The Floor singer, who is a frequent at high-profile fashion events since 1999, will be on Anna Wintour’s star-studded guestlist for September 13.

Jennifer recently found a new romance with Ben Affleck. Jennifer had originally planned to marry Ben in 2003, but they delayed their marriage due to excessive media attention. They then called off their engagement two years later. The extravaganza provides the ideal place for them to make their red carpet debut.

Are you back at the Met? Rumours have it that Jennifer Lopez was on the Met Gala guest list. Page Six reports that Jennifer Lopez, a popular On The Floor singer, is on Anna Wintour’s star-studded guests list. Seen in Italy

What is her plus one? Jennifer is rekindling her relationship with Ben Affleck. The September 13 Extravaganza will be the ideal place to see the pair make their first red carpet appearance. Seen in Italy, July

Alex Rodriguez was Jenny’s companion the last time she went to Met Gala. They ended their relationship in April.

Prior to that she was accompanied by Marc Anthony, Casper Smart, and Sean Combs.

Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o were also invited to attend the Met Gala 2021, according to reports. Camila Cabello and Emily Ratajkowski are other big-names.

All guests attending the Met Gala this year must have a vaccine against coronavirus.

Fashion’s most important night is on the horizon. Those who are invited have been advised that they may not be admitted if they don’t show proof of being fully immunized against the virus.

They have wowed the world with their romance: JLo shared an image where she was kissing Ben as she celebrated her 52nd birthday

Their romance has won the hearts of the entire world: JLo posted an image in which she was kissing Ben during her 52nd Birthday celebration.

According to a spokesperson for The Daily Beast, this week’s statement was: “Currently, any person attending The Met Gala on September 13, must show proof that they have been fully vaccinated.”

“They will be required to use masks indoors, except for when they are eating or drinking. These guidelines will be updated as necessary.

Last year’s Met Gala was cancelled due to the pandemic. This year, it has been moved from the traditional time on the first Sunday of May.

Seen in 2003: They had been set to wed back in 2003 but postponed their wedding due to 'excessive media attention' before calling off their engagement the following year

Seen 2003: The couple was originally set for a wedding in 2003, but they were delayed by excessive media attention. They then called off the engagement in 2004.

The theme for this year’s event is “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”. Billie Eilish and Naomi Osaka will host the event. Anna Wintour and Tom Ford are honorary chairs.

Billie, who is just 19 years old, will be the youngest co-chair for the event.

Vogue magazine announced the hostesses in May and stated that each of their four Met co-hosts represents the essence of American style, individualism.

“[They] have all developed their own visual language to represent themselves publicly, which is informed by American fashion’s legacy.”


This Bronx native was a frequent attendee of the Met Gala in New York City throughout her professional career. This is the look back.


She was first seen on P Diddy’s arm, also known by Sean Combs and Puff Daddy. She wore a pink and matching fur jacket in 1999. The sexy man was dressed in a button-free white turtleneck coat and a matching fur jacket. Rock Style was the theme.

1999: The first time she went, the singer was on the arm of rapper and music producer P Diddy, also known as Puff Daddy and Sean Combs

1999: She was first to go. The singer was with P Diddy (also known as PuffDaddy or Sean Combs)


When she photographed with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at the event, the diva was wearing a black lace-tiered dress. She wore a Swedish braid on her hair and wore ruby lipstick.

In 2004: The diva was in a black lace tiered dress when she posed with Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce at the event

2004: She posed in black lace-tiered dress with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at the event.


In 2006, Jenny from The Block made a dramatic change by opting for a one shoulder gown in soft white with a sheer Mermaid finish. For a polished appearance, she wore long earrings and a clutch bag. Anglomania was the theme: Transgression and Tradition in British Fashion.

In 2006: It was a drastic change in 2006 as Jenny From The Block opted for a one-shoulder gown in a soft white color with a sheer mermaid finish and her hair down

2006. Jenny from The Block chose a one shoulder gown in soft white with a sheer Mermaid finish. Her hair was down.


This shimmery, silver gown had an 1920s feel. It was low to the shoulders and featured a stunning belt. She also added a matching hairclip and clutch bag. Poiret, King of Fashion was the theme.

In 2007: There was a 1920s influence for this shimmery silver dress that was off the shoulder and had a dazzling belt as she added a hair clip that matched her earrings and clutch purse

This shimmery, silver-colored dress was made in 2007 with a 1920s flair. It was off the shoulders and featured a stunning belt. She also added an eye-catching hairclip that coordinated her earrings and clutch.


The 2008 Wedding Planner actress opted for a feminine style with a green, one-strap dress with lots of embellishments at the neckline. She also had several folds. She wore her hair in soft curls and wore an over-sized cuff to match her earrings.

2008: In the year 2008 the Wedding Planner actress went with a more feminine look as she had on a dusty green one-strap gown with heavy embellishments on the neckline and several folds

2008: The Wedding Planner actress opted for a feminine appearance in 2008, wearing a green one-strap dress with lots of embellishments and folds.


The Back-Up Plan actress returned to Hollywood glamour this year with a sparkling strapless silver Cinderella dress. She wore her hair down.

In 2010: This year the Back-Up Plan star returned to Hollywood glamour with a sparkly strapless silver Cinderella style dress as she wore her hair up

2010. In 2010, the Back-Up Plan Star returned to Hollywood glamour in a sparkling strapless silver Cinderella dress. She wore her hair down


Parker’s star chose a ruby-colored look, with a halter gown and flowers across her shoulders. She also had matching lips as her hair was pulled back. Marc Anthony was her husband.

2011: Parker’s star chose a ruby style with a halter-dress and flowers along her shoulders. She also wore a matching pout while her hair was pulled back.


The highlight of the look was her figure. El Cantante’s actress El Cantante wore a black, nude-colored skintight gown with long hair. Punk: Chaos to Couture was the theme. Casper Smart was her date.

2013. Her body was the star of the look. El Cantante’s actress, El Cantante, wore a dark and nude-colored skintight gown with her hair up in big curls.


Boy Next Door’s Boy Next Door Star was dressed in a mostly sheer, red-sequin gown. She wore only one strap again. China Through the Looking Glass was the theme.

2015. Versace Moment for Boy Next Door Star in 2015: She wore a mostly sheer, red-sequin-streaked dress. She wore one strap again


In a long, blue dress with diamond earrings accented and her hair down to her chest, the diva looked back to 1970s. For the first time, she took Alex Rodriguez with her. Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: The Art of the In-Between was the theme.

2017. The 2017: She wore a blue long-sleeved gown that was too short for her body, with diamond earrings accentuating the look. For the first time, she took Alex Rodriguez with her.


This year, the Shades of Blue actress opted for a structured gown with a cross at the front and rhinestones cutouts along her chest. Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination was the theme. Alex was her date and wore all-black.

2018. The Shades of Blue actress opted for a structured gown this year. This dress featured a large cross in the front with rhinestones, and cutouts at her chest.


Jennifer took a chance this year and wore a crystal headpiece for Camp: Notes on Fashion. The slit at the sides of her dress were very low and the cut was extremely low. Alex, her date was again wearing a pink jacket and blazer.

There’s a lot of information to take in. Jennifer decided to risk it all by wearing a crystal-encrusted headpiece. The slit at the sides of her dress made it very short. Alex was her date.


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